Grown-up is a process of learning how to become strong


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Grown-up is a process of learning how to become strong

Grown-up is a process of learning how to become strong

It is widely believed that the definition of maturity consists of owning a successful career, earning a good fortune or having a happy family. Although all of these qualities above and many others are likely to be used to measure the level of one’s adulthood on the outside, in my opinion, grown-up is a process of learning how to be strong through toughest and darkest times of one’s life on the inside.

Grown-up creates a sense of responsibility, which means no more hiding behind our parents and blaming faults on others in order to show how weak and childish we are. Besides, being a child does not give us a right to run away from our own wrongdoings; however, learning to take responsibility from the young age will shape the way how we become an adult later in life: a responsible grown-up or an ignorant grown-up. I, like many others, have been living under the protection of my parents from childhood and even until I am a 21 year-old woman. Nevertheless, I consider myself lucky because my parents give me my own space to grow up. I get the idea of adulthood strongest and fullest when I first got into an accident on the street back when I was a freshman in university. I crashed my bike into a car and instead of running away like my guts told me or calling my parents and crying for help, I remained standing there and was ready to face with my actions. Even though the words from the car’s owner were not easy to hear and I was no doubt scared like a little girl inside, I know these incidents make me stronger each and every day. Sometimes becoming strong is not an option but it is the only choice you have to deal with this unfair world, that’s when you look at yourself in the mirror and feel proud to say “I have grown up!”

Grown-up is never a bed of roses or a piece of cake. It would try to knock you down, break you apart and wait if you dare to come back stronger or die in misery. For me, grown-up has no doubt beaten me hard when my relationship with the man I thought I loved so much did not work out several months ago. I remembered myself crying until there was no tear left to cry and part of me died with him that day. I always got the support from my parents and friends at that time but at the end of the day I realized I was all I got. Becoming stronger is not an alternative or a choice that I can choose to do it or not, but it is the only choice I have in order to get through that tough time without breaking into pieces. Now I have learnt to love myself again, to put myself first and let the wound heal gradually. Being hurt is a necessary part of growing up that everyone has to go through and I am not an exception. Grown-up had saved me when I didn’t want to be saved, had pulled me up from the deep well of grieve and sadness when I was still drowning. I never reflect on myself as a total grown-up person but I’m on my way to reach that goal by staying strong and believing in myself day by day.

Grown-up is an individual journey, in which a strong mind plays a crucial role in reaching the finish line. I have heard so many people saying that growing up is something that we cannot accomplish by ourselves without the help of others. I do not deny that the process of maturity is affected by lots of factors but the final decision is made by you and only you. From my experience, I have missed so many good opportunities just because I let people’s opinions get into my way of thinking easily. Being grown-up is learning how to make your own decisions and be strong to stay firmly on your ground. Although all of the decisions I have made are not 100% right and some of them brought terrible results, that’s what I define adulthood is making mistakes, having courage to cope with them and growing up for your own good, not for others. 


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