Through years of fieldwork and in-depth research in more than 60 provinces and cities, we understand the problems of water resources throughout the region. Along with the application of intelligent technology on each product, Karofi has gradually become a leading expert in the field of water filtration in Vietnam.

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Water Purifier Optimus Hot O-H128

The first brand to apply fast hot technology in the line of water purifiers on the market. Accurate at temperature levels, 25 ° C, 45 ° C, 75 ° C, 99 ° C, especially suitable for families with young children

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Water Purifier Hot & Cold HCV 351-WH

Concerned about the 6-level pure water filtration technology, HCV 351-WH also provides a comprehensive comfort experience with modern hot and cold modes: QUICK HOT - COLD COOLING to meet the demand for water for families.

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RO Purifim Membrane
Made in USA
Purifim RO filter made in USA, breaking through with new SMAX technology optimizing membrane design, helping to double filtration capacity, outstanding life expectancy of 1.5 times, is a comprehensive saving solution that Karofi offers to customers.
An Tâm Toàn Diện

All Karofi's service centers across the country are trained to repair professionally, use genuine components, and fast processing speed, ensuring safety for customers during use.

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