The Karofi KAQ-X16 RO water purifier

  • RO pure water
  • Smax pro V Technology
  • Brand-new tempered glass cabinet
  • Brand-new powerful 10-stage filtration system
  • Korean monolithic RO membrane


The Karofi KAQ-X16 RO water purifier with 10 stages is equipped with a 100 GPD RO membrane manufactured in South Korea, ensuring quality and recovering up to 50% of pure water. It comes with many features such as automatic shutdown during low water pressure, automatic drainage,...

Design - Recommended type of input water 

- The standing cabinet design with a tempered glass outer casing and borderless edges brings elegance, suitable for various spaces such as living rooms, offices, kitchens,...

- This water purifier model uses a single-handle faucet for water taking, making it easy to use for everyone

- It is recommended to use tap water, roughly treated well water, water from a centralized water source that meets the QCVN 01:2018/BYT standard.

Pure Water Certification from the Ministry of Health

Filtered water meets standards for direct drinking without boiling according to QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT


Công suất - Dung tích bình chứa

- Large filtration capacity, 20 liters/hour for stable operation.

- A 5-liter storage tank, fulfilling the sufficient demand for daily clean water use for the family


- This Karofi water purifier has a filtration - discharge ratio of 5/5. In other words, if you input 10 liters of water into the machine, it will filter 5 liters of pure water for drinking, and 5 liters will be discharged

- The discharged water can be reused for other household activities such as washing clothes, cleaning the house, sanitation, or watering plants…



The Nano Silver antibacterial technology helps prevent bacterial recontamination after water passes through the RO membrane.



- Neutralizes pH and stabilizes water sweetness.

- Automatically discharges wastewater.

- Automatically shut down when the storage tank is full.


The Karofi KAQ-X16 10-stage RO water purifier with a standing cabinet design, suitable for various spaces, has a filtration capacity of up to 20 liters per hour. It comes with many features such as automatic drainage of wastewater, automatic shutdown when the tank is full, and more. This is undoubtedly a worthwhile product for your family to protect the health of everyone.


Product features
Display of water cleanliness Yes
Automatic filter replacement alarm Yes
Water leak alert Yes
Weak water supply alert Yes
Quality standards
QCVN6-1:2010/BYT Yes
TCVN 11978:2017 Yes
Membrane RO 100 GPD Korea
Filter capacity 20 L/h
Pump Radian
Voltage 220V - 50Hz
Weight 23kg
Color of cabinet Black
Pure water recovery rate Up to 60% (Under laboratory conditions, using standard measuring components/equipment)
Functional filters T33-GAC, Mineral, Bioceramic, Far Infrared, Tourmaline, Nano Silver
Dimensions including cabinet (LxWxH) 422*332*940 (mm)
Warranty period 36 months for electrical components of the water filtration system (adapter, pump, high-pressure valve, low-pressure valve, solenoid valve, etc.)
Other features
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