• 10 Smax Technology Filters: double filtration efficiency, double life time
  • 100GPD PURIFILM RO membrane from US
  • Laser cooling technology operates smoothly: 12-15°C
  • Directly drinking water standard: QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT
  • Luxury design

Hot and cold RO water purifier Karofi KAD-X39 with 10 Smax filtes includes 3 hot - cold - cold water modes, 100 GPD RO filter membrane for large filtration capacity, creates anti-oxidant Hydrogen water, Karofi - Vietnam brand


Product Design

- Vertical cabinet design covered with modern tempered glass, elegant and luxurious black color, suitable for living room, kitchen, office,...

- The purifier can filter tap water and raw well water.


Pure water certification from the Ministry of Health

Filtered water meets direct drinking water standards without boiling, QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT.


Filtration Capacity - Tank Volume - Water Mode

- Large filtration capacity of 100GPD, tank capacity of 6.8 liters (hot water: 1 liter, cold water: 0.8 liters, RO water: 5 liters) to meet the family's daily water needs.

- 2 faucets, 3 water modes: Hot - Cold - Normal temperature:

+ Hot water temperature from 85 - 95°C can make tea, milk, coffee, cook instant noodles,...

+ Cold water temperature from 12 - 15°C helps you have cool glasses of cold water on sultry days.

*Actual water temperature will depend on the ambient temperature and the volume of water removed.


Pure Water Recovery Rate

- The purifier has a pure - waste water ratio of 5/5.

- 10 liters of water put into the machine will filter 5 liters of pure water for drinking and 5 liters will be discharged.

- The amount of water discharged can be reused for other family activities and hygiene such as washing clothes, cleaning the house, toilet or watering plants, etc.



- The laser cooling system: Neat  design and energy saving

- Nano Silver antibacterial technology: Helps kill bacteria and prevent reinfection after water passes through the RO membrane.


The product with 10 Smax Filters is luxuriously designed, equipped with 10 filters to provide pure, healthy water, large filtration capacity of 100GPD, creating anti-oxidant Hydrogen water. This is the right choice, contributing to protecting your family's health.



Cooling technology: Laser Cooling
Cold water tank capacity: 0.8 Lít
Hot water tank capacity: 1 Lít
Cold water temperature: 12 - 15°C
Hot water temperature: 85 - 95°C
Cooling capacity: 65W
Heating capacity: 430W
Weight: 25 Kg
Dimensions: 320 x 400 x 990 mm
RO membarne 100GPD Purifilm membrane from US
Filter system Smax Duo Pre-filters, RO membrane and combo 6in1 filter HP-6.2
Other features
Warranty: 36 months for electrical components of the water filtration system (adapter, pump, high-pressure valve, low-pressure valve, solenoid valve, etc.)
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