Karofi Hot and Cold Water Purifier KAD-X56

  • Smax 11-Filter Technology: Double performance, x2 lifetime.
  • RO 100 GPD Membrane: Quickly replaceable Purifim membrane, made in the USA.
  • Smax Pro V Filter System: x3 contact area, x2 filtration efficiency.
  • HP 6.0 Functional Filter System: Adds minerals with an additional Hydrogen Plus filter.
  • Filtered Water meets QCVN 6-1:2010/WHO Pure Drinking Water Standard.

Karofi KAD-X56 Hot and Cold Water Purifier - Double Performance - Double Minerals

Not just an upgrade in filtration efficiency, the KAD-X56 enhances health by adding double essential minerals to purified bottled water, ensuring a healthy lifestyle for the entire family.


3 Hot - Cold - Ambient Water Modes

Comfortably choose from 3 water modes with just a touch, meeting versatile needs from refreshing cold drinks to making tea, coffee, instant noodles, or quick cooking. The KAD-X56 utilizes super-quiet chip cooling technology, minimizing noise while providing the perfect cold water temperature, instantly quenching thirst without the need for ice storage.


11 Powerful Smax Filters

Applying Smax technology brings outstanding high-performance filtration, doubling the lifetime of the filters. The scientifically arranged filter structure facilitates easy replacement and prevents bacterial recontamination, safeguarding purified water to meet bottled water standards. The KAD-X56 adds an extra Mineral Plus filter (mineral stone), doubling mineral content and enhancing health for the entire family.


New Generation Smax Pro V Filter System

The Karofi KAD-X56 hot and cold water purifier features the exclusive Karofi Smax Pro V filter set, tripling the contact area with water and doubling the filtration efficiency. Smart Connect technology ensures stable operation, simultaneously doubling the lifetime compared to the old-generation filter set.


Purifim Quick-changing 100 GPD RO Membrane made in USA

Eliminates 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, amoebas, arsenic, metal ions, and harmful substances in water.


Upgraded HP 6.0 Functional Filter System - Double Minerals

The modern, one-piece design of the functional filter system prevents maximum leakage and ensures easy replacement. Particularly, it doubles mineral content, upgrading and comprehensively protecting the health of the whole family with an additional Mineral Plus (mineral stone) filter.


Durable Design Over Time

With an exquisite design, durable toughened glass surface resisting impact, the KAD-X56 radiates a robust beauty, brightening up the living space.


Filtered Water Meets QCVN 6-1:2010/MOH Bottled Pure Drinking Water Standard

Filtered water from the Karofi KAD-X56 meets the QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT bottled pure drinking water standard, recognized by the National Institute of Occupational Health and Environment – Ministry of Health, following WHO procedures.

Link to certification: https://chungnhankarofi.nioeh.org.vn/


3-Year Warranty

The Karofi KAD-X56 offers a 3-year warranty  the highest in the market, with a dedicated technical team and customer care.

Cooling technology: Chip combined with Smax plastic cold tank
Cold water tank capacity: 0.8 Liter
Hot water tank capacity: 85 - 95 °C
Cold water temperature: 6 - 10 °C
Hot water temperature: 1 Liter
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
RO membarne Purifim Quick-changing 100 GPD made in US
Filter system 11 exclusive Smax filters: Smax Pro V filters set, RO membrane, additional Hydrogen Plus filter, and HP 6.0 functional filter system
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