6 Tips to help you buy the best water purifier for your family



Water makes up 70% of our bodies, so if our bodies aren't getting enough water, it can affect our health. However, providing enough water for the body is still not "enough" if the quality of water resources is not guaranteed. This is because the water we are using comes from tap water, bore wells, which are potential sources of health risks. Therefore, more and more households are now using water purifiers, water purifiers as an essential household appliance. Here are 6 tips to help you buy the best water purifier for your family.


1. Characteristics of the water source being used

For RO water purifiers capable of handling a variety of water sources: tap water, brackish water, bore well water, limestone contaminated water. These water sources after filtering through RO water purifier can drink directly without cooking.

2. Filter capacity

A standard water purifier can purify approximately 350-400 liters of water / day, equivalent to nearly 20 18 liter water bottles. Can be used for families with 4-10 members. On average, every 6-12 months, you need to change the water filter periodically to ensure stable water quality.

3. Product quality

Product quality is the most important criteria to choose the best water purifier for your family. The advice to you is to choose reputable brands with good customer service, long-term warranty for you to be assured during use.


4. Types of water filtration technology

On the market today there are 3 popular water filtration technologies: RO filtration technology and Nano filtration technology, ion technology.

RO filtration technology (Reverse Osmosis - reverse osmosis)
Operating on the reverse osmosis principle, using semi-permeable membranes with extremely small filter size to filter out impurities, bacteria, viruses existing in water. In addition, the RO water purifier incorporates a system of mineral compensation and conditioning functions in the filtration process to make drinking water not only delicious but also good for health. This filtration technology is currently the most common in companies that produce bottled water.

UF (Ultrafiltration) technology
UF filtration technology is less common than RO filtration technology. This filtration technology has not yet been tested or evaluated by experts. Therefore, the quality of water after filtering by this technology has not been verified.

Ion technology (ion absorption)
Using sponge activated carbon filter to exchange and absorb ions to kill bacteria in water. This filter technology is less common than the above filter technology.


5. Advantages of RO water purifier

Removes impurities, bacteria, viruses that are very small in water. Protect your health against the risk of increasingly polluted water.
The filtered water can be drink immediately without cooking.
RO water purifier incorporating a functional core filter system helps: replenish necessary minerals for the body.
Cost savings instead of bottled water, bottled water
Save time when you do not need to boil water, convenient to use

6. Learn about operating principles

Due to the use of different filtration technologies, different water purifier products have different operating principles, you should understand the characteristics of these technologies to choose the right product for your family.

RO technology

First, water is fed into the coarse filter element to remove, heavy metal, rust, dirt. Next, the water brought to the RO membrane has the effect of removing 99.99% of impurities, bacteria, viruses. Finally, water is taken to the filter core function to help compensate minerals, additional micronutrients beneficial to health. Impurities and debris are removed from the water and flow out through the effluent.

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On time filter replacement for a healthier family

Lifetime clean water with the durable machine

Pre-filtration filter (Up to 12 months), RO membrane (24-36 months), Post-filtration filter (From 12 months)

*Note: The filter core products after being replaced should be disposed of at the prescribed place, the recycling bin for recycling plastic.