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KAROFI Group Joint Stock Company sincerely thanks our valued Customers, Agents, Distributors, Supermarkets for trusting and accompanying KAROFI, KORIHOME and LIVOTEC products and brands during the past time.

In order to ensure the benefits of customers and improve the quality of after-sales service, KAROFI Group Joint Stock Company would like to send to customers the Regulation on warranty policy for KAROFI products branded KAROFI, KORIHOME and LIVOTEC imported, assembled, manufactured and officially distributed in Vietnam market as follows:


1.1 Instruction of registering product warranty

To ensure full warranty benefits, please register and activate the warranty within 15 days from the date of purchase by one of the following methods:

  • Option 01: Send SMS message
    • Message syntax: XT [card code] to: 7039
    • Fee: 1000đ/message (changeable according to the network supplier’s specified rate)
    • Please scratch the silver coating on the product's ANTI-FAKE ELECTRONIC LABEL to get the Code and activate it according to the instructions.



  • Failure to register for warranty on time may affect your warranty benefits in the future.
  • In case Customer has not registered for electronic warranty, the warranty period will be calculated based on valid invoice, date of manufacture or warranty card.


1.2. Warranty period

Products provided by Karofi have a warranty period calculated from the date of purchasing the product (based on a valid invoice or valid warranty card) or the date of electronic warranty activation according to whichever comes first, but not exceed the warranty period based on the manufacturing date shown on the anti-counterfeiting electronic stamp or the Depot stamp affixed on the body of the device.

*Valid invoice and warranty card: full customer information, phone number, machine model, machine serial, date of purchase.

Product category

Type of product/ accessories

Warranty period

Buying date

Manufacturing date

Water Purifier

(including RO water purifier and water purification system of hot/cold RO water purifier)

Components of the electrical system (except UV lamps)

(Adapor, pump, high pressure valve, low pressure valve, solenoid valve, smart microchip...)

36 months

48 months

UV ballast, UV lamp, faucet, storage tank, 4-door mechanical valve

12 months

18 months

1-way valve, Flow valve, storage tank valve, dividing water lock valve, connectors, pump gaskets (confirmed technical error by the manufacturer)

6 months

12 months

RO membrane (Conditions of use strictly according to the manufacturer's regulations)

3 months


Consumable filters, case frame, plastic parts, glass and other remaining components

No warranty


(includes RO inbuilt dispensers)

Components belonging to the electrical system (display circuit, control circuit, heating system, compressor, refrigeration chip, thermal relay, electrical switch, power cord)

24 months

30 months

Hot and cold faucets, mechanical floats, outdoor units, copper pipes, filters (confirmed technical errors by the manufacturer)

6 months

12 months

Consumable filters, case frame, plastic parts, glass and other remaining components

No warranty

Water heater

Electronic Components

24 months

30 months

Enameled storage tank

96 months

102 months

Magnesium bars, plastic details and outer sheath

No warranty

The hot and cold shower bar is permanently warranted provided that:

  • Products must be maintained annually by Karofi (customers actively contact the service center to make an appointment, Hotline 19006418).
  • The input water meets QCVN 2:2009/BYT standards

If the above 2 conditions are not met, the hot and cold shower bar is only warranted for 12 months.

Air conditioning

Wall-mounted air conditioners (hot lumps, cold lumps)

36 months

42 months

Air conditioning control

24 months

30 months

Air conditioning compressor (Block air conditioner)

60 months

66 months

Air purifiers, NanoS bactericidal equipment, air conditioning fans, fans, household electrical appliances, upstream water purification equipment and other household products

Components of the electrical system

24 months

30 months

Consumable filters, propeller, case frame, plastic parts, glass and other remaining components

No warranty


  • If consumable components are defective and confirmed by Karofi's technicians, collaborators, warranty stations, collectively referred to as technical representatives of the company (hereinafter abbreviated as: DDKTH) due to the manufacturer's technical error, the warranty will be free for a period of 01 month from the date of purchase calculated according to a valid invoice.
  • For used products or liquidated purchases at genuine distribution systems, a general warranty policy applies to the entire product of 12 months from the date of purchase based on a valid invoice (except for components that are not covered by the warranty or components with a warranty period of less than 12 months, the warranty period is warranted according to the term in table 1.2 above).
  • For components with a valid warranty period, after the warranty for repair / replacement by the DDKTH, the remaining warranty period of the product will be applied according to the table in Section 1.2 above.
  • For separately purchased new components or components that have expired the warranty period and are replaced by the DDKTH in the list of warranty listed according to the table in Section 1.2 above, a 6-month warranty period is applied (except for components that are not warranted or components with a warranty period of less than 6 months, the warranty period in the table is applied. section 1.2 above. The warranty period is calculated based on a valid repair receipt or purchase invoice (only applicable to Distributors, Agents and Retail Customers with invoices, purchase documents at Karofi company or DDKTH).
  • RO membrane, 1-way valve, flow valve are only warranted provided that the input water quality meets domestic water standards according to QCVN 02:2009/BYT and is used for the right purpose as announced by the manufacturer.


1.3 Instructions to perform warranty / product repair


  • Karofi will repair or replace spare parts and components for products under warranty and commit to the prescribed repair time.
  • Depending on the actual situation, Karofi will consider providing customers with similar components and accessories for temporary use or in other forms accepted by Customer during the warranty period.



2.1 Warranty location


  • Products covered by home warranty: water purifiers, dispensers, NanoSilvor bactericidal device, air conditioner fan, water heater, air conditioner.
  • For standing fans, household electrical appliances, air purifiers and others:


  • Customers with their address in Ho Chi Minh City Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh are warranted at home.
  • Customers in other provinces/cities apply the warranty at the point of sale or send it to the Service Center in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.



2.2 Warranty product range

Applicable to all brands KAROFI, KORIHOME and KAROFI LIVOTEC imported, assembled, manufactured by Karofi Group Joint Stock Company and officially distributed by distributors, agents, supermarkets ... of Karofi in Vietnam market.


3.1 Conditions for free product warranty

The product is accepted for warranty when the following conditions are met:


  • The product is still within the warranty period specified in Section 1.2 and within the scope of warranty products as prescribed in Section 2.2 of this document.
  • The product has been electronically registered for warranty under section 1.1 or has a valid invoice or warranty card: The invoice / warranty card is not torn, blurred / lost words (full information cannot be read) or erased; Invoice matches the model name and serial number on the product and warranty card (if any). (Note: In some cases where a paper warranty is mandatory based on the invoice / warranty card, customers need to present a valid invoice / warranty card).
  • The product has intact seal / warranty stamp on the machine (at the first warranty), the number of the machine is intact, there are no signs of erasure or tearing.
  • Products are used for the right purposes, functions and ways of use in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Defective products are evaluated by the DDKTH, concluded to be due to technical errors by the Manufacturer.
  • Products are installed in accordance with regulations, technical regulations and electrical safety.
  • Titanium enameled tank must be maintained periodically 01 times/year (customers actively contact Karofi when the time comes for maintenance and customers pay the cost).
  • The product does not fall under the circumstances specified in Section 3.2 of this document.


3.2 Cases that are not covered by the warranty or charged warranty


  • The product has expired its warranty period.
  • Consumable components such as filters, case frame, plastic parts, glass, other components ...
  • The product is damaged due to installation, preserving, misuse or non-compliance with the instructions for use, instructions and warnings attached to the product.
  • Products damaged by natural disasters, fires, floods, lightning strikes, depreciation caused by oxidized environments, strange objects entering the machine, including but not limited to force by majeure events.
  • Products damaged by insects, vermin, termites, including but not limited to animal penetration
  • The product is warped, cracked, broken, damaged by falling, pouring during transportation, use, due to external forces.
  • Product damage due to unstable power supply, bad electrical connectors, loose sockets, plugs, voltage fluctuations exceeding the allowable capacity: 220V ± 10V, or arbitrarily replacing the inappropriate power cord design.
  • Damaged products due to arbitrary repair or change of product structure without permission or supervision by the DDKTH.
  • The product does not have a sealed or erased stamp, showing signs of having opened the product during the first warranty.
  • The product no longer remains the manufacturer's Serial No, the machine number is scratched, blurred or lost unrecognized characters.
  • Any damage related to the use of non-genuine Karofi, Korihome and Karofi Livotec accessories.
  • Rust, natural discoloration, natural wear and tear of components over time of use.
  • The damage caused by the water source is not guaranteed according to QCVN 2:2009/BYT standards such as saline water, limestone contamination, alum contamination, chlorine contamination, untreated well water, or incomplete treatment.
  • Products installed at the location cannot be repaired, cannot be moved.
  • The product has been changed, design-editted and repaired by a 3rd party other than Karofi Company or DDKTH.



4.1 For unused products

Conditions for customers to exchange unused products to another model:


  • The product is still in the period of application for product exchange:
  • Within 05 days with water purifier products.
  • Within 07 days with dispensers, air conditioners, water heaters and electrical household appliances.
  • The product which has not been installed and used is checked and confirmed by the DDKTH;
  • The product which needs to be exchanged must have a value equal to or higher than the value of the exchanged product;
  • The company also has products that customers want to exchange;
  • Customers must compensate 20% of the value of the product according to the listed unit price and all costs incurred.


4.2 For used products

Conditions for application of used product innovation:


  • Customers are supported to exchange products of the same type when encountering unrecoverable problems (confirmed by the DDKTH due to technical errors by the Manufacturer);
  • Products identified as genuine Karofi, Korihome, Karofi Livotec are registered for electronic warranty or have a valid purchase invoice/ warranty card, identification stamp and are still within the renewal period specified in the following table:






Error applying innovation




Air conditioning

36 months

(as of date of purchase)

Outdoor unit error (condenser);

Compressor failure.

Hot lump replacement/ Renewal

Indoor unit failure (evaporator);

Cold lump replacement/ Renewal


Water Purifier

15 days

(as of buying date)


Irreparable technical errors by the manufacturer

Product innovation. Do not change the product in case of failure of consumable components such as filter cartridges, other components ...



15 days

(as of buying date)


Air Purifier

15 days

(as of buying date)

Irreparable technical errors by the manufacturer

Complete renewal


Water heaters


Fruit press machine


Standing fans and air conditioning fans


  • The product has intact seal stamp, manufacturer's warranty stamp and full components, warranty card (if any). as originally.
  • Goods received without errors in appearance (dented, scratched, stained, broken ...)
  • Consumables in the machine such as filter cartridges, other components ... are not renewed.


4.3 In case of not accepting product returns


  • Customers use and operate incorrectly according to the manufacturer's instructions, causing product damage.
  • Customers do not comply with the required regulations to enjoy the warranty policy such as: No warranty registration; no receipt of purchase documents; no warranty card...
  • Customers self-cause external damage such as peeling, breaking, changing the shape, structure of the product's operating principle ...
  • The goods have been signed by the Customer at the time of delivery but then the Customer requests to return the goods with the reason of damage in form including but not limited to scratches, peeling, broken tanks, gaps, warping, yellowing, denting ...
  • Damage to consumable components such as filters, other components ...




  • The defective product has a warranty period as prescribed in Section 1.2 of this Regulation and passes the product renewal period, but the DDKTH has repaired 3 or more times within 01 month and still cannot fix the error, the product will be returned.
  • The returned product is a product of the same type with similar features.
  • Depending on the actual situation, the parties will agree on the residual value of the damaged product as a basis for exchanging new products of the same type or equivalent.
  • In case of product renewal of the same type, the parties will agree on the amount of difference between the value of the newly replaced product and the replaced defective product that one party needs to pay back to the other party at the time of product exchange.
  • In case of exchanging products equivalent in type, features, form and value, the exchange of products will be free of charge.
  • All defective or damaged parts, components or products replaced in accordance with this Regulation shall become the property of Karofi.





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No. 62, Street 56, KP3, Binh Trung Dong Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City


1900 6418 - 1800 6563





This regulation applies to Customer Service Center – Karofi Group Joint Stock Company.

Karofi Customers/Partners and Units/Individuals related to warranty/return activities of Karofi brands Karofi, Korihome, Livotec.

The warranty policy is effective from April 27, 2022 and supersedes all previous documents.

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