Karofi Livotec 506 RO water purifier

  • 10 high-tech filter cores ensure pure water
  • Quick change 100 GPD RO membrane made in Korea
  • Livotec coarse filter system: removes dirt larger than 1 micron in water
  • 6 quick change function cores are easy to replace
  • Filtered water meets bottled pure drinking water standard QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT

10 clean filter cores - Pure standard water

Eliminating worries about polluted water sources containing many health risks, the Livotec 505 Water Purifier brings comprehensive peace of mind to the whole family with filtered water that meets pure standards and is rich in nutrients. Besides, the unique design with the image of a boat conveniently blowing the wind, Livotec 506 brings meaningful spiritual value to every homeowner.


10 high-tech filter cores

The most important part in a water purifier is the filter core system. Accordingly, Livotec is equipped with a system of 10 high-tech filter cores that help remove impurities, dirt from 1 micron in size, pollutants, heavy metals... creating pure water.


100GPD RO membrane made in Korea, filtration capacity 20 liters/hour

The 100GPD RO membrane made in Korea is capable of filtering up to 99.99% of pollutants, heavy metal ions... in water, providing safe, pure water. Filtering capacity reaches 20 liters/hour, pure water recovery rate is up to 60%, meeting the need for continuous clean water use for the whole family.


Enhances sweet taste, rich in minerals

More than purity, Livotec 506 also creates comprehensively good water thanks to the use of a system of 6 functional filter cores including: Mineral, ORP Alkaline, Far Infrared, 2 T33-GAC cores, Nano Silver. This functional core system plays the role of supplementing minerals, supporting the neutralization of excess acid, helping the body become healthier every day.


Pure standard water QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT, drink directly from the tap without boiling

Livotec 506 water purifier meets national pure bottled drinking water standards according to QCVN 6-1/2010/BYT recognized by the Institute of Occupational Health and Environment under the Ministry of Health.


Modern design - Perfect piece for space

Solid, sturdy design, unique design with smooth sailing boat motifs, Livotec 506 brings vitality and adorns the interior design of every space.

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