PM2.5 dust exceeds threshold: Hanoi air warning is at an alarming level



The PM2.5 fine dust index in the air in Hanoi has exceeded the safety threshold in the past few days, directly threatening the daily life and health of the people, especially the elderly, children and people with Chronic respiratory diseases.
According to the data reported from weather measurement applications, the PM2.5 fine dust index on September 18 in Hanoi was 91.8 µg / m3, 4 times higher than the national standard (25 µg / m3) and 11 times higher than the annual average of the World Health Organization (WHO). Many domestic experts said that the PM 2.5 dust pollution index is so high, which is very worrying.
Air pollution is often assessed by particulate pollution including suspended dust, PM 2.5 fine dust, PM10 dust and also SO2, NO2, CO, O3, CO, VOCs (volatile organic compounds). ... PM 2.5 dust is the most important pollution agent to health due to the ability to deposit, osmotic and move in the lungs.


Through weather measurement applications such as Air Visual, Hanoi's air quality can be detected at a poor level

This is not the first time Hanoi has been on alert about the level of air pollution. In recent years, especially since the beginning of 2019, Hanoi has been continuously in the TOP of air pollution alarms in the region and in the world.

Why is PM 2.5 called "invisible killer"?

According to Health, because small fine dust tends to stay in the air longer than heavier particles. This increases the chance for humans and animals to breathe them into the body. Thanks to their microscopic size (more than or equal to 2.5 micro, less than 1/30 - 1/20 of the hair's diameter), they can pass through the nose and throat, penetrating deep into the lungs and some even can invade the circulatory system.
The impact on the health of fine dust will depend on the composition and properties that can lead to toxicity, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, diabetes, ... Scientific studies show a positive correlation between air dust pollution levels with incidence of cancer and premature death from heart and lung disease.
The most vulnerable group is the elderly, pregnant women, which can affect the fetus, children, people with pre-existing conditions ... In addition, scientists have proved the relationship between fine dust and innate malformations in pregnant women.
Advice from the experts
Air pollution in major city centers is becoming more serious but waiting for a macro solution is not like saving ourselves first.
Therefore, experts recommend that, in times when the AQI (Air Quality Index) is poor, bad or harmful (shown in orange, red, purple, brown) people should reduce physical activities, restricting going out especially during rush hour. If you have to go out, use a good quality mask.
At home, it is advisable to open ventilation windows on good outdoor air quality days to help reduce the concentration of dust, air pollutants that build up indoors and not to create mold. Also pay attention to limiting incense burning, burning votive, clean the house regularly to remove dust, microorganisms, mold and pathogens, to plant some plants in and around the house that can clean the air ... In addition, yoga and religious meditation ... are sports that help improve the respiratory system very well.


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