Karofi activates a VND 10 billion package with the whole country to fight epidemics and drought



In the first 3 months of 2020, the Karofi Group immediately activated a VND 10 billion financing package to respond to the whole country in the fight to fight off the Covid-19 epidemic. This is a continuation of the program "Being dedicated to the Vietnamese future" from 2015 of the business.
On April 15, the Group presented directly to the units directly fighting the epidemic of Covid-19 35,000 boxes of specialized peantibacterial masks, equivalent to 1.7 million users and patients helping prevent disease spread.


Mr. Tran Manh Hien - General Director of Karofi presented gifts directly to Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Tuan - Director of Bach Mai Hospital


Mr. Hoang Van Tan - Chairman of Me Linh District Fatherland Front Committee, representatives of people in Ha Loi village received gifts from Karofi.

Earlier, Karofi also presented to the people in the West affected by the drought, saltwater intrusion four pure water filter stations and organized hundreds of mobile water filtration trips to distribute millions of liters of pure water throughout the West.



Artist Quyen Linh accompanies Karofi in the program "Along the West Against Drought and Saltwater intrusion"

Also in March, 25 Karofi hot and cold water filters were handed over to a number of field hospitals to directly isolate and treat Covid-19 to put them into use.
Entering 2020, the whole country has experienced a very difficult period. The Covid epidemic is complicated and causes serious impacts on the economy and people's life. Not to mention, in the Southwest region, drought, saline water reached the peak, causing many difficulties for people in life, daily life, production ... Thousands of hectares of fields and gardens died in drought. Fresh water - which is the most basic and essential resource, is also becoming exhausted, scarce and "expensive" than ever before. Epidemics and natural disasters have seriously affected people's lives.
Project "Being dedicated to the Vietnamese future" of Karofi Vietnam Group with the goal of extracting a portion of the profits of the business every year, helping the disadvantaged in society, contributing to bringing happiness to all people. The project has entered the 6th year. During its operation, the project has organized many programs such as donating water filters to poor people in the "cancer villages" in the North, major hospitals at the Central level, upland schools, donating clean water filtration station to Mo Duc- Quang Ngai alum contaminated commune.
Karofi leaders said that with their support package, Karofi dedicates the top products of the business, with the most practical and useful value for beneficiaries.

Close-up of Karofi mask production line rushing day and night to meet supply needs for the domestic market and export

For 35,000 sets of specialized antibacterial masks given to the patients and people at Bach Mai Hospital; Ha Loi hamlet, Me Linh, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This type of mask is researched and developed by Karofi R&D team based on users' actual needs and epidemic diseases situation. The mask is specially designed with soft cover from TPE material, snugly covering the entire nose and mouth area, creating a sense of comfort while still helping to prevent all droplets from surrounding.
The membrane of the mask is made up of four layers of non-woven fabric - environmentally friendly, coated with Nano Silver, impervious to maximize bactericidal effect, prevent dirt and toxic substances from entering the body. In addition, the mask is also smartly designed, can easily replace new membrane. 35,000 sets of masks were awarded, including 35,000 mask covers and 1.7 million replacement filters, allowing 1.7 million users. This is a very useful gift for patients as well as people in high-risk areas in the situation of medical masks of quality assurance are increasingly scarce. Receiving this gift from Karofi, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Tuan - Director of Bach Mai Hospital highly appreciated the "tight fitting product that covers the nose and mouth area, and has a large space to breathe without blurring the glass when wearing. The hospital will use for high-risk areas. "


Doctors of Bach Mai Hospital directly experience Karofi masks

In the West, specialized brackish water and saltwater filtration stations with high capacity of 1000-2000 liters are handed over to local authorities and people in difficult areas. Including: Son Kien commune, Hon Dat district, Kien Giang province; Phuoc Hiep Commune, Mo Cay Nam District, Ben Tre Province, Quy Nhi Commune, Cai Lay Town, Tien Giang Province, a seawater filtration station with high salinity up to 50 ppt high accompanies with singer Thuy Tien in a campaign to help save the West. With the water source in the West, normal water filter cannot be used, or only used for a short time and then they will break and the filter will be clogged. Therefore, the filters must be thoroughly studied and analyzed by the Karofi team in terms of water source, suitable separate production in order to withstand the high salinity of 1 to 50 ppt. High quality imported accessories, especially RO membrane imported directly from the USA. For straight water and safe cooking.
Also to serve the immediate and large-scale fresh water needs of the people, the business has quickly deployed the trips called For the beloved West, with a journey of thousands of kilometers across the provinces of the Mekong Delta, directly filtering saline water into pure water for free to people. Through the program, hundreds of thousands of people in the West have access to pure water to ensure their health.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy - Deputy Director of Marketing of the company said that although the epidemic disease situation is very difficult and limited a lot, we have mobilized all the great resources, urgently for research and development of optimal products with guaranteed quality, which have been evaluated and certified by reputable health organizations to be able to bring the highest benefit and value to users. For the sake of development in parallel with society, we will operate without profit during this time to win the pandemic with Vietnam together.
Joining hands with the country to repel the pandemic, Karofi Group continues to dedicate a policy of non-profit sales to organizations and individuals wishing to use Nano Silver Antimicrobial Masks as a charity with a subsidy of up to 60%. All people wishing to buy masks retail for personal and family use will receive a 20% discount.

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