Karofi Livotec water purifier 512

  • Powerful 10 stage filtration system
  • Korean standard 100GPD RO membrane
  • Supplement healthy minerals
  • Powder coated steel cabinet, super durable tempered glass
  • Radian pump is strong and durable

Karofi Livotec 512 - Water purifier suitable for every home

Karofi 512 water purifier is an outstanding product with 10 powerful filters, providing quality water to meet all family members' water needs.


Solid design - Super durable

Karofi Livotec 512 owns an IQ tempered glass cabinet using super strong and durable powder-coated steel. The top and front of the cabinet are covered with high-grade, safe tempered glass that brings a shiny beauty and is easy to clean. The product is not only a simple water purifier, but also as a decorative item to highlight the space of your house.


10 stage filtration system brings clean and delicious water with entirely pure taste

Thanks to the powerful 10-stage filtration system, Karofi Livotec 512 provides pure water with many healthy minerals, pH balanced to make the water naturally juicy. In particular, thanks to the anti-reinfection Nano silver filter, it ensures the purest output water.


Korean standard RO membrane – sterilized, monolithic, anti-infection

The RO membrane is considered as the heart of a water purifier, filter out 99.99% of impurities and harmful bacteria. Karofi Livotec 512 water purifier owns sterilized, monolithic RO membrane imported directly from Korea, preventing infection, helping to remove most of the sand, rust, moss, organic toxins, heavy metal ions …


Quiet Operating Radian Pump - comfortable, pleasant

Radian pump is specially improved with a special structure to make the operation stable and smooth. Besides, thanks to the lower power consumption compared to conventional purifiers, it helps to save maximum power.


Water after filtration meets the standard of purified drinking water QCVN 6-1:2010 BYT

After passing many strict grading procedures, the filtered water from the Karofi Livotec 512 water purifier meets the standards of purified drinking water QCVN 6-1:2010 BYT according to the WHO process issued by the Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health. - Ministry of Health recognized. Publication link:  https://chungnhankarofi.nioeh.org.vn/.


36-month warranty

Karofi applies warranty policy 3 times longer than normal lines (up to 36 months)




The effect of the filters in the Karofi machine Karofi Livotec water purifier 512

1.1. RO filtration system is composed of 3 main parts:

  • Pre-filter group: 3 cores of PP 5 micron, GAC active carbon, PP 1 micron
  • RO Membrane: 100 GPD . RO Membrane
  • Functional filter group: T33-GAC, Nano Carbon, Far Infrared, Alkaline, Nano sliver and Mineral 

1.2. Coarse filtration technology includes:

  • 5 micron PP core: Removes all kinds of dirt over 5 micrometers
  • GAC active carbon core: Removes organic substances, colorants, unpleasant chlorine odors in domestic water..
  • 1 micron PP core: Removes all kinds of dirt over 1 micrometer

1.3. Korean standard RO membrane filter technology:

RO 100 GPD membrane removes most of the solids, heavy metal ions, bacteria... making the water pure. Purified water/wastewater ratio 6/4, Saving 71% of wastewater, Fast filtration 20 liters/hour, Sterile monolithic membrane

1.4. Functional filtering technology includes:

  • T33-GAC core: handling difficult odors, organic substances... superior and stabilizing the natural sweetness of water
  • Mineral core: supplement minerals and help raise pH, support neutralization of residual acids
  • NanoSilver core: kill bacteria, prevent re-infection after water passes through RO membrane
  • Nano Carbon Core: Nano technology helps to activate, create a sweet taste for water, and promote health
  • Alkaline core: Raise pH, create alkaline water, anti-aging, good for health
  • Far Infrared Core: Breaks down water molecules for quick rehydration during strenuous activity

How often should you change the filter element?

The shelf life of the filter core depends on the quality of the water source in each area and the capacity used:

For the Smax Duo core set, the recommended usage period is up to 12 months.

For Smax RO core, the recommended usage time is from 24 - 36 months.

For the Smax Nano core set, the recommended usage time is up to 12 months.

For high-performance Smax core clusters, the recommended usage period is up to 12 months.





TCVN 11978:2017



RO membrane

Korean RO membrane

Filtration capacity

20 L/h

Pressure tank

6 L

Solenoid valve


Booster pump




Power consumption

25 w/h

Filtration system

10 stage

Functional filters

T33-GAC; Mineral; Nano Carbon; Farinfrared; Alkaline; Nano Silver

Water recovery rate





28 kg

Dimensions (WxDxH)

430 x 340 x 900


3 pre-filters PP5; Active Carbon; PP1



36 months




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