Karofi Livotec 628 Hot and Cold Water Purifier

  • Cooling Block technology for quickly and deeply chilling cold water.
  • 10 high-tech filters ensure pure water.
  • RO membrane 100 GPD quick-changing, manufactured in South Korea.
  • Livotec pre-filter system: removes impurities sized over 1 micron in water.
  • Quickly replaceable 6 functional filter  for easy replacement.
  • Filtered water meets bottled pure drinking water standards QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT

Karofi Livotec 628 hot and cold water purifier - Outstanding deep cold - Pure standard water

Satisfy all your unlimited thirst with Karofi Livotec 628, which not only possesses outstanding deep cold Block technology but also upgrades a system of 10 high-tech filters to help the filtered water meet pure standards, allowing you to live a healthy life with peace of mind. 


3 Hot - Cold - Ambient water modes

Karofi Livotec 628 meets all water needs from hot water for tea, milk, instant noodles... cold water for refreshments, mixing drinks or cold water for cooking.... Everything is ready just after 1 second to turn the faucet without having to wait.


Block Cooling Technology - Deeply Cold as Desired - Instantly Quenching Thirst

Modern Block technology for the perfect deep cold water temperature, like in the refrigerator; with a 1-liter cold tank ready to quench every thirst, providing maximum refreshment


10 high-tech filtration system

Karofi Livotec 628 features a 10 high-tech filtration system, ensuring that the water after filtration completely eliminates heavy metal ions, pollutants..., and is additionally enriched with various minerals, stabilizing a natural sweet taste.


03 pre-filter system - Livotec 1,2,3

03 pre-filter system - Livotec 1,2,3 remove dirt in water with a size of over 1 micron, completely eliminating unpleasant odors, organic substances... effectively protecting the filter core system, increasing service life use.


Quick-changing 100 GPD RO Membrane made in Korea

Remove 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, amoebas, arsenic, metal ions, and harmful substances in water


6 quickly replaceable functional  filter - Enhanced mineral content

Karofi Livotec 628 possesses 6 quickly replaceable functional filters: Mineral, T33-GAC (2 filters), ORP Alkaline, Far Infrared, Nano Silver; helps reduce oxidative agents, supplement beneficial minerals for the body, prevent water recontamination, and stabilize a natural sweet taste.


Duy nhất tại Karofi, nước sau lọc đạt chuẩn tinh khiết đóng chai QCVN 6:1 do Viện Sức Khỏe Nghề Nghiệp Và Môi Trường, bộ y tế công nhận


Fashionable Design - Elegant and Practical

Karofi Livotec 628 features a sleek and angular design, with tempered glass that is impact-resistant, making the machine not only elegant and stylish but also durable over time.


Warranty period up to 3 years

Karofi Livotec 628 offers a 3-year warranty with a dedicated team of technicians and customer service.

Product features
Quality standards
QCVN6-1:2010/BYT Yes
Membrane Quick change 100 GPD RO membrane made in Korea
Voltage 220/50 V/Hz
Weight 33 kg
Number of faucets 2
Functional filters Mineral, T33-GAC (2 filters), Alkaline, Far infrared, Nano Silver
Dimensions including cabinet (LxWxH) 320 x 400 x 990 mm
Warranty period 36 month warranty on electrical components of the water filtration system (adapter, pump, high pressure valve, low pressure valve, solenoid valve............)
Other features
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