Karofi Hot and Cold Water Purifier KAD-X68

  • AIoTec Technology: Remote Monitoring via Smartphone
  • Zitek 4.0 Cooling Technology: Saves up to 40% total cooling energy with the cooling block and water heat dissipation system.
  • Smax 11-Filter Technology: Double performance, x2 lifetime.
  • RO 100 GPD Membrane: Quick-changing Purifim membrane, made in the USA.
  • Smax Pro V Filter System: x3 contact area, x2 filtration efficiency.
  • HP 6.0 Functional Filter System: Adds minerals with an additional Hydrogen Plus filter.
  • Filtered Water meets QCVN 6-1:2010/WHO Pure Drinking Water Standard.

Karofi KAD-X68 Hot and Cold Water Purifier:Smart Technology - Refresh Every Day

Going beyond the standards of a regular water purifier, Karofi KAD-X68 brings an exceptional experience. Purified water that is pure and sweet; 3 convenient hot - cold - ambient Water, superior AIoTec technology, and the latest Zitek 4.0 cooling technology; providing a healthy and relaxing daily life for you and your family.


3 Water Modes to Meet Every Need

Three modes, Hot - Cold - Ambient water, are always ready, fulfilling the needs of every family member, from brewing tea, making coffee, preparing instant noodles to cooking, beverage preparation, and more.


Smart AIoTec Technology - Remote Water Quality Monitoring for Comprehensive Peace of Mind

With AIoTec technology, you can confidently monitor water quality anytime, anywhere, even when away from home. This is a trend for modern families – with a smartphone and the Karofi 365 app, you can check water cleanliness, filter replacement schedules, device status, activate warranty, and easily contact customer support.


Cutting-Edge Zitek 4.0 Cooling Technology with Smax 2L Cold Tank

As a new generation water purifier, KAD-X68 is equipped with the latest Zitek cooling technology, providing up to 70% faster cooling speed, delivering deep-cold water instantly, satisfying your thirst without delay. KAD-X68 also features a 2-liter Smax cold tank – double the usual size, storing more cold water to meet continuous cold water needs for many people.kad-x68-08

Despite its rapid cooling, KAD-X68 still saves up to 40% of cooling power, allowing you and your family to enjoy without worrying about a high electricity bill.


11 New Generation Smax Technology Filters: Double Performance - Double Lifetime

KAD-X68 possesses an 11-filter system with new-generation Smax technology, doubling performance, doubling lifetime, and doubling mineral content.


The set of 3 Smax Pro V filters with smart connect technology to prevent counterfeit products, intelligent fan-shaped filter structure triples the contact area with water, doubling filtration efficiency, and extends lifestime up to 12 months.


Quick-changing 100 GPD RO Membrane Made in the USA, with a Filtration Capacity of up to 20 liters/hour, achieving up to 60% Pure Water Recovery Rate.


Enhanced Mineral Plus Filter, doubling mineral content, resulting in sweeter water. The premium HP 6.2 functional filter system, doubling hydrogen content with Hydrogen Plus filter and combining 3 filters – ORP Alkaline, Tourmaline, Hydrogen Plus – for optimal Hydro, pH, and Orp levels to improve digestion, enhance immunity, fight aging, and boost health.


Filtered Water Meets QCVN 6-1:2010/MOH  Bottled Pure Drinking Water Standard

Filtered water from the Karofi KAD-X68 meets the QCVN 6-1:2010/MOH bottled pure drinking water standard, recognized by the National Institute of Occupational Health and Environment – Ministry of Health.

Link to certification: https://chungnhankarofi.nioeh.org.vn


Stylish Design - Trendy Full-Edge Glass Cabinet

KAD-X68 is designed in a modern style with a trendy full-edge glass cabinet, making a stunning impression. The luxurious toughened glass surface and modern colors blend perfectly with any living space. Convenient wheels allow you to place it anywhere in the house, making it stand out and visually monitor water purity, wifi connection status, error alerts through the display lights on the glass.



Cooling technology: Zitek 4.0 combined with Block cooling technology, water cooling radiator, and Smax plastic cold tank
Cold water tank capacity: 2L
Hot water tank capacity: 1 Liter
Cold water temperature: 6 - 10 °C
Hot water temperature: 85 - 95 °C
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Color: Black
Weight: 33 kg
Dimensions: 320 x 400 x 990 (mm)
RO membarne Purifim Quick-changing 100 GPD made in US
Filter system 11 exclusive Smax filters: Smax Pro V filters set, RO membrane, additional Hydrogen Plus filter, and HP 6.0 functional filter system
Other features
Warranty: 36 months for electrical components of the water filtration system (adapter, pump, high-pressure valve, low-pressure valve, solenoid valve, etc.)
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