Karofi commits to warrant for Karofi sea desalination systems directly distributed by the company in the Vietnam market.

1. All Karofi sea desalination systems are warranted for 18 months (from the date of system handover), at all wharfs within the territory of Vietnam.

  • Note: For industrial RO purifiers, brackish water purifiers, and salt water purifiers, the warranty period is 12 months

2. The company will provide warranty for products within the warranty period. The warranty depends on the specific case that we will completely replace the whole system, or repair and replacement of spare parts.

3. The company only warrants for defects caused by the manufacturer in the production process such as technical errors, or due to the workmanship of workers.

4. The company will not be responsible for warranty in the following cases:

  • Subjective errors caused by users such as: incorrect operation of the process.
  • The user makes repairs on his own without being designated by the Company.
  • Damage caused by force majeure such as natural disasters, fires, storms, floods, lightning, falls, electrical problems.
  • Consumables need to be replaced periodically.

5. Please inform us once you have any problem

Karofi Group Joint Stock Company

Hotline: 1900 6418


6. We know that the provision of the warranty cannot cover all terms arising from defects beyond the company's ability to detect, as well as from inaccurate information reflecting errors. , unclear or not up to date. In these cases, we will try to assist you to fix the problem at the lowest possible cost.

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