Overview of smax pro 3 filter

Researched and manufactured on modern lines, undergoing high-temperature heating and applying the new Smax Pro technology, the Smax Pro 3 filter offers enhanced filtration efficiency.


Smax Pro Technology

The special feature of Smax Pro technology comes from the structure of 5 layers of multi-point multi-link microfibre filters with micron size, arranged in a smart fan folding structure.


X3 contact area

Thanks to the optimized design, the water contact area is increased by 3 times compared to the conventional one, helping to filter faster, reducing the risk of core blockage.


X1.5 filtration efficiency

Smax Pro 1 filter element helps to remove all kinds of scum, grit, mud, algae, solids,... with 1.5 times the filtration efficiency and up to 12 months of use - twice the life of the filter. with conventional filters.


Extends RO filter shelflife

In addition, not only does it remove all kinds of scum, grit, mud, algae, solids, etc., the Smax Pro filter core also helps remove the dirt that the Smax Pro 1.2 filter core leaves behind, contributing to an increase efficiency as well as the life of the RO membrane.

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