Karofi Smax Pro V1 pre-filtration cartridge

  • Using upgraded Smart Connect Technology for genuine guarantee
  • Designed as smart fan structure and made from antibacterial medical fabric material for medical use
  • Used as first filter cartridge to remove substances such as dirt, sand, dust, solids, ... with a size larger than 5um (micron)
  • Easy to disassemble and replace
  • Recommended replacement time: 12 months
  • Recommended for the new generation Karofi water purifier

Smax Pro V1 Filter Cartridge Overview

Applying future technologies to create the new generation Smax Pro V core system, not only does it provide superior filtration, but also doubles the efficiency and prolongs the life by 2 times compared to conventional filter cartridges. Smax Pro V are exclusive products of Karofi, integrated with Smart Connect technology to connect intelligently, help customers feel secure to use, without worrying about counterfeit and poor quality goods spreading on the market.


Smax Pro V1

The special feature of Smax Pro technology comes from the structure of a multi-point multi-linked microfiber filter of only 5 microns and arranged in the form of a smart fan folding structure.


X3 contact area

Thanks to the optimized design, the water contact area is increased by 3 times compared to the conventional one, helping to filter faster, reducing the risk of clogging.

X2 filtration efficiency

Smax Pro V1 filter cartridge helps to remove all kinds of scum, grit, mud, algae, solids, ... with double filtration efficiency and up to 12 months of use - twice the life of the normal cores.

Service life:
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