Overview of smax pro 2 filter

Researched and manufactured on modern lines, undergoing high-temperature heating and applying the new Smax Pro technology, the Smax Pro 2 filter cartridge offers outstanding filtration efficiency.


Smax pro Technology

The special feature of Smax Pro technology comes from a special 2-layer structure: The outside is a microfiltration membrane consisting of small-sized linked microfiber chains combined with activated carbon inside.



Specifically, the microfiltration membrane in the outer layer helps to remove impurities, dirt, algae, etc. Inside is activated carbon to help improve the dual treatment of organic substances, odorants, and colorants. , the smell of chlorine is present in the water of daily life.


The Smax Pro 2 filter not only doubles the efficiency of water filtration, but also doubles the life of a conventional filter.

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