• Made in the USA
  • Removes more than 99% of chlorine, oil, virus, bacteria, amoeba, arsenic, metal ions and toxic substances in water.
  • Monolithic molding, guaranteed sterile, easy to replace.
  • Dealing with a variety of water sources in Vietnam.
  • Replacement time: 24-36 months

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Structure of RO Purifim RO membrane

The most important component in the RO Purifim RO membrane is the reverse osmosis membrane, specially constructed from organic TFC fibers (Thin Film Composite) tightly attached and rolled together into a spiral structure. The surface consists of small holes about 0.1-0.5 nanometers in size that only allow water molecules to pass through, removing most bacteria, dissolved heavy metal ions and impurities in water...

New membrane design technology - SMAX

SMAX (Super Area) is the optimal membrane structure design technology, first applied in RO membrane design. With SMAX, in the same 1.8x12 inch membrane size, the area of the membrane in contact with water is arranged to be the largest, helping to maximize the water flow through the membrane, thereby improving the filtering capacity and extending the life of the membrane.

  • Strong Flow - Faster Filter: By maximizing the area of the membrane in contact with water, the Purifim filter capacity doubles that of the RO 50 filter on the market.
  • Super Permeate - Better osmosis: The purified water recovery rate of Purifim RO reaches 60%, reducing up to 71% of wastewater compared to conventional RO membranes (*).
  • Strength life - Extend the life: Purifim membrane life reaches 24-36 months, 1.5 times higher than the RO 50 membrane on the market - life from 18-24 months.
Outstanding advantages

Co-researched and developed by Karofi and leading experts in the US, Purifim RO membranes manufactured on modern American lines have made a breakthrough in current RO filtration technology:

  • Applying the most modern production technology
  • Developing in accordance with the characteristics of Vietnam's water resources
  • SMAX membrane technology - outstanding filtration performance, 1.5 times longer lifespan
  • Water treatment capacity with high input TDS (500 ~ 1000ppm).
  • Sterile monolithic design, preventing re-infection.
  • Structure of 2 quick connectors for easy installation and limit leakage.
Suitable for diverse water sources in Vietnam

Unlike developed countries in the world, in Vietnam, the source of input water is very diverse with quality and characteristics that vary by region.
Purifim RO membrane works stably with input water with TDS up to 1000ppm (compared to conventional RO membrane products only 500ppm), combined with the support of 3 coarse filter, helping to handle effectively diversity of water sources in Vietnam.
In particular, Purifim RO membrane is designed according to the standard size: 6.0cm diameter, 37.0cm long (monolithic membrane size) to ensure easy replacement for other RO water purifier devices of the same capacity, not only Karofi, but also other RO brands in the market.

Material: TFC - Thin Film Composite
Service life:
Service life: 24-36 months
Pressure when using: 70-100 Psi
Maximum flow: 20l/h
Origin: USA

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Pre-filtration filter (Up to 12 months), RO membrane (24-36 months), Post-filtration filter (From 12 months)

*Note: The filter core products after being replaced should be disposed of at the prescribed place, the recycling bin for recycling plastic.