Pump of Water Filter

  • Model: 24 V Headon pumps
  • Suction up to 2 meters deep
  • NSF certified quality
  • Power 26W - 24V
  • Motor
  • Eccentric shaft 2.5 °
  • Operating temperature 0 ° ~ 52 ° C
Outstanding advantages
  • The technological engine in the most advanced Karofi water filter pump on the market is capable of suction up to 2 meters deep.
  • Karofi water filter pump provides enough water to ensure a stable and maximum performance of the RO filtration system.
Quality standards
  • All parts and materials for producing Karofi Water Filter Pump are certified by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation: testing and product certification center of WHO - World Health Organization).

Service life:
Service life: 5-10 years
Origin: Taiwan

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