KDC-WI312 Air Conditioner

  • Inverter power saving
  • Instant cooling with air flow up to 580 m³/h
  • Super quiet with indoor noise level as low as 24 dB(A)
  • Fast & deep cooling thanks to the 4-way air swing
  • Intelligent technology 4 automatic functions
  • Gas R32 is safe, environmentally friendly, fast cooling
  • Suitable for rooms up to 20m2
  • Warranty 1 to 1 in 3 years

Instant cooling with  KDC-WI312 air conditioner

The KDC-WI312 air conditioner has a wind flow of up to 580 m³/h, combining 4 air directions. It can bring the outlet air temperature down to 10°C, spreading cold air throughout the room. In particular, thanks to the heatsink up to 20% larger than conventional product lines, users will quickly enjoy the cool, deep cold air in just a second without waiting for a long time. Besides, KDC-WI312 owns an additional gold-plated heatsink that brings outstanding advantages to increase performance and improve product life. The product has a capacity of 12000 BTU/h, suitable for cooling large areas from 15 - 20 m².


WI312 air conditioner is equipped with gas R32, which is the latest gas technology today, widely used in Japan. This gas has outstanding advantages such as fast cooling, safety (difficult to explode), and reducing emissions by up to 75% to meet environmental protection requirements. R32 is a gas line with a higher compression ratio than other gas types to help save energy effectively.

Optimum power-saving - Maximum experience thanks to smart inverter

Compared with other products on the market with traditional compressors, Karofi KDC-WI312 makes a breakthrough with Inverter Rotary Compressor Technology, running with many different frequencies and speeds to always maintain a stable temperature, helping to maintain a constant temperature. Limit the situation of switching on and off continuously causing power loss. Therefore, the machine will operate quieter and save power consumption. Specifically, INVERTER air conditioners help save long-term by reducing electricity bills, with 5-star energy rating.


Smooth operation for fully relaxed

With quiet operation mode, the indoor unit noise level is down to 24 dB(A), providing a quiet space, creating a comfortable feeling when resting, and helping you have a better night's sleep. At the same time, improving the noise level of the outdoor unit with a noise of only ~50 dB(A) ensures limiting the noise when the machine is operating. Better yet, thanks to Inverter technology, the motor always maintains a stable operating state to help the machine operate smoothly and quietly while still achieving optimal capacity.




1. Self-diagnosis and error display on LED screen

This is one of the important features included in the KDC-WI312. Thanks to this feature, users will be aware of problems that occur while using the product. At that time, the machine will stop working, an error code will appear on the control screen or LED screen, helping the repairman to grasp the situation and carry out the repair process quickly.


2. Automatic cleaning - Enjoy life comfortably

For the KDC-WI312 air conditioner, you just need to press the CLEAN function on the remote, the machine will immediately activate the intelligent self-cleaning mode thanks to the cooling mode with low fan speed. During this time, the condensate on the evaporator will escape with dirt, then the evaporator will be dried by a fan at low speed. Therefore, you will not have to spend time cleaning the air conditioner periodically to help users save time, costs and increase cooling efficiency.


3. Auto-restart in case of power failure

The KDC-WI312 air conditioner automatically stores the setting mode when the power is off. Then when the power comes back on, the feature will restore the settings and work as they were.


4. Automatically adjust the temperature

For conventional air conditioners, there is only one temperature sensor located in the indoor unit. However, in fact, the temperature is often uneven, the user's temperature will be close to the temperature at the remote location. Therefore, the smart Feeling sensor system is attached to the remote control of the KDC-WI312 air conditioner, helping to accurately receive the temperature at the user's location. Thanks to its effective temperature control, it helps to adjust and maintain the desired room temperature.



The heater has a gold-plated radiator that can operate under temperatures up to 52 degrees outdoors. At the same time, minimize the influence of external factors such as rain, and salt water on the outdoor unit. IPX4 waterproof standard and copper pipe system for higher cooling capacity, better heat transfer


Warranty 3 times better: 1 for 1 in 36 months

As a commitment to quality, Karofi has the highest warranty on the market, 1 to 1 exchange in 36 months and free maintenance for up to 2 years.


Exquisite every line - Beautify every space

Catching up with the new design trend, the KDC-WI312 smart air conditioner has a compact modern design, providing a comfortable use experience, easily suitable for any installation position and room shape. up to 20m².






Air flow of indoor unit

Turbo (m3/min)


High (m3/min)


Medium (m3/min)


Low (m3/min)


Sleeping mode (m3/min)


Outdoor unit specification


Rotary, Inverter, power 805W




51 dBA

Dimension (L x W x H )

705 x 530 x 279 mm


21 kg

Limit operation temperature

52 °CBD

Connecting liquid pipe (mm)


Connecting steam pipe (mm)


Connecting the drain hose (mm)


Maximum length

20 m

Maximum height difference

10 m



12000 BTU/H



Operating current

6.41 (1.8-8.5) (A)

Power consumption

1300 / 1600(standard/ max)

CSPF Performance (TCVN 7830:2015)


Indoor unit dimension (LxWxH)

750 × 285 × 200 mm

Indoor unit weight

8.5 kg

Indoor unit noise

Turbo (dBA)


High (dBA)


Medium (dBA)


Low (dBA)


Sleeping (dBA)




36 months

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