KDC-WF309 Air Conditioner

  • Super cooling thanks to indoor fan speed up to 600m³/h
  • The 4-way air vents help keep the cold deep
  • Quiet operation with indoor noise level from only 23 dB(A)
  • Intelligent technology 4 automatic functions
  • Cooling capacity 9000 BTU/h
  • Gas R32 is safe, environmentally friendly, fast cooling
  • Warranty 1 to 1 in 3 years

Rapidly cold - Extremely joyful

KDC-WF309 air conditioner owns indoor fan speed up to 600m³/h, for air temperature down to 10°C, bringing cool and refreshing immediately to help users comfortably enjoy enjoy without spending too much time waiting. Thanks to the 4-way reverse airflow design: top - bottom, left - right, the air conditioner will spread cold air in many directions, bringing cold air away to every corner of the room.


KDC-WF309 air conditioner uses gas R32 which is the latest gas technology today. This gas is quickly accepted by users because of its outstanding advantages: Fast cooling performance and more energy saving, environmentally friendly, reducing emissions by 75%, tested as The gas is very difficult to burn, so it is safer than other common gases and meets a high standard in preventing temperature rise due to the greenhouse effect.

Durable performance thanks to the gold-plated radiator

The highlight of the KDC-WF309 air conditioner is the addition of a gold-plated radiator to improve heat exchange efficiency to increase cooling performance. At the same time, thanks to the gold-plated material, it helps prevent corrosion from external agents such as rain, salt water, preventing the proliferation of harmful bacteria, increasing the life of the condenser.


Take care to your sleep with quiet operation

KDC-WF309 air conditioner possesses quiet operation with a sound index in the indoor unit of only 23 dB(A), combined with a noise-free sleep mode at night, ensuring your family will have a good night's sleep. and deeper, quieter at night. In addition, thanks to (3 layers of soundproofing of the outdoor unit), the quiet operation of the outdoor unit also helps to reduce the outdoor unit noise level lower than that of normal models.


Ultimate technology - Elevate comfort with 4 smart automatic features



1. Automatic cleaning technology Clean

The highlight of the product is the Clean feature - Smart automatic cleaning technology that both saves cleaning costs and ensures safety for users. When activated, the machine will run cooling mode with low fan speed, during this time the condensate on the evaporator will escape with dirt, then the evaporator will be dried by the fan. at low speed, so that the cold air blows out always fresh and durable, protecting the health of the whole family.


2. Feeling - Temperature Sensor Mode

The actual room temperature is not uniform, the user temperature will be close to the temperature at the remote location. Therefore, it is equipped with a Feeling temperature sensor inside the remote, which helps to accurately sense the temperature at the user's location. Thanks to this super smart feature, it helps to choose the right temperature for the user, bringing a feeling of relaxation and comfort for everyone.


3. Auto start after power failure

This is one of the important features to help the machine remember the setting mode, the machine will restore this setting when the power is restored


4. Self-diagnosis and error display on Remote

With this feature, when the machine is operating and a problem occurs, the machine will display an error on the screen of the Remote to help users recognize the problem and proceed with the quick repair process.


Impressive design

KDC-WF309 air conditioner not only helps to cool the space but also is a decorative product that shows the owner's aesthetic and style. The product has a sophisticated design, suitable for all interior styles, enhancing your living space more modern and luxurious. With a 2-port drainage design, the KDC-WF309 makes the installation process easy and quick.


Warranty 1 to 1 in 3 years

KDC-WF309 air conditioner has the highest warranty period in the market, 1 to 1 exchange in the first 3 years, free maintenance for 2 years. Karofi commits to a fast warranty period at home nationwide.






Air flow of indoor unit

Turbo (m3/min)


High (m3/min)


Medium (m3/min)


Low (m3/min)


Sleeping mode (m3/min)


Outdoor unit specification


Rotary, non-inverter, Power 658 (W)




51 dBA

Dimension (L x W x H )

660 × 500 × 240 mm


22 kg

Limit operation temperature

46 °CBD

Connecting liquid pipe (mm)


Connecting steam pipe (mm)


Connecting the drain hose (mm)


Maximum length

20 m

Maximum height difference

10 m



9000 BTU/H



Operating current

3.9 (A)

Power consumption

850 / 1500 (standard/ max)

CSPF Performance (TCVN 7830:2015)


Indoor unit dimension (LxWxH)

750 × 285 × 200 mm

Indoor unit weight

9 kg

Indoor unit noise

Turbo (dBA)


High (dBA)


Medium (dBA)


Low (dBA)


Sleeping (dBA)




36 months

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