KDC-WI309 Air Conditioner

  • Super fast cooling with large air flow
  • Fan speed up to 580m³/h, 20% larger heat exchanger
  • Intelligent 4 automatic functions technology - elevate the experience
  • 5-star standard inverter technology saves electricity, only from 2.1 kW/night
  • Quiet, gentle operation with indoor unit noise down to 22dB
  • Gas R32 is environmentally friendly, fast cooling, saving electricity
  • Warranty 1 to 1 in 3 years is the highest in the market

Instant Cooling with KDC-WI309

KDC-WI309 air conditioner has a wind flow of up to 580m³/h combined with a 4-way swing fan that quickly spreads cool air throughout the room instantly, helping to cool down quickly and feel comfortable immediately. Especially with a cooling capacity of 9000 BTU/h and a heatsink up to 20% larger than other products on the market, the machine can let the wind temperature down to 10 degrees Celsius after only 5 minutes. KDC-WI309 is suitable for rooms with an area of ​​about 15m².


WI309 uses R32 gas which is the latest generation gas today. Compared with conventional gases on air conditioners, R32 gas has the ability to cool faster and deeper, thereby helping to save electricity more effectively.

Environmentally friendly R32 gas reduces emissions by up to 75%, resisting the increase in heat leading to the greenhouse effect. Besides, this is a very difficult gas to burn so it is safe for the family to use.

Super power saving by Inverter Technology

Karofi KDC-WI309 air conditioner is the "genuine" version with 5-star rating Inverter technology that optimizes cooling performance, maintains a stable temperature, so consumes less energy, from only 2.1kW/night. This is an outstanding point compared to air conditioners using traditional compressors, allowing the whole family to enjoy cool air all day while still saving maximum electricity costs and being environmentally friendly.


Gold-plated heatsinks increase performance

Gold-plated radiator is one of the highlights of the machine to help increase cooling performance. Besides, thanks to the gold-plated material, it helps to increase the life of the machine by preventing external agents such as bacteria, rain water, etc.


Smooth operation - Deeper sleep

Karofi KDC-WI309 is equipped with super-quiet operation with indoor unit noise level down to 22dB, creating a quiet space for studying, working, resting... providing absolute comfort. At the same time, the machine is improved with an outdoor unit noise level of only ~50dB to minimize noise when the machine is operating. More importantly, the motor always maintains a stable state and operates smoothly thanks to modern Inverter technology.




Continuous automatic cleaning with Clean function

Equipped with the Clean function, the KDC-WI309 air conditioner can automatically blow away dirt and mold in the indoor unit to help it stay dry, operate more stable and more durable. To activate this mode, you just need to press the CLEAN function on the remote control, and the machine will immediately clean itself intelligently thanks to the cooling mode with low fan speed. This is a new step to help protect the health of the whole family as well as increase the experience time, you will not have to spend time cleaning the air conditioner periodically, minimizing costs.


Auto-restart in case of power failure

The KDC-WI309 air conditioner automatically stores the setting mode when the power is off. Then when the power comes back on, the feature will restore the settings and work as they were.


Self-diagnosis and error display on LED screen

This is a particularly important feature when using an air conditioner. With this function on the KDC-WI309, when the air conditioner has an error, these error codes will immediately be displayed on the LED screen to help you easily identify, diagnose and fix the error easily.


Automatic temperature adjustment by Feeling sensor

Thanks to its effective temperature control, the Feeling sensor system on the remote control will recognize the temperature at your location, and adjust and maintain it to your desired room temperature, giving you a comfortable feeling.


More durable with high-quality materials

The heater has a gold-plated radiator that can operate under temperatures up to 52 degrees outdoors. At the same time, to help the machine be durable over time, Karofi uses high-quality components and materials to resist the influence of external factors such as rain water, salt water... on the outdoor unit. IPX4 waterproof standard and copper pipe system for higher cooling capacity, better heat transfer.


Warranty 3 times better: 1 for 1 in 36 months

As a commitment to quality, Karofi has the highest warranty on the market, 1 to 1 exchange in 36 months and free maintenance for up to 2 years.


Modern design – Embellish living space

 KDC-WI309 air conditioner has a delicate design to every line, elegant and modern colors and compact size suitable for any space, adorning your home.






Air flow of indoor unit

Turbo (m3/min)


High (m3/min)


Medium (m3/min)


Low (m3/min)


Sleeping mode (m3/min)


Outdoor unit specification


Rotary, Inverter, power 805W




51 dBA

Dimension (L x W x H )

705 x 530 x 279 mm


21 kg

Limit operation temperature

52 °CBD

Connecting liquid pipe (mm)


Connecting steam pipe (mm)


Connecting the drain hose (mm)


Maximum length

20 m

Maximum height difference

10 m



9000 BTU/H



Operating current

4.0 (1.3-5.9) (A)

Power consumption

870 / 1600 (standard/ max)

CSPF Performance (TCVN 7830:2015)


Indoor unit dimension (LxWxH)

750 x 285 x 200 mm

Indoor unit weight

8.5 kg

Indoor unit noise

Turbo (dBA)


High (dBA)


Medium (dBA)


Low (dBA)


Sleeping (dBA)




36 months

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