Karofi KAQ-N96 water purifier

  • Aiotec 4.1 intelligent technology
  • Smart LED faucet displays water quality
  • Powerful Smax 10-stage filtration system
  • 100 GPD RO membrane US standard

Karofi KAQ-N96 Water Purifier - Intelligent, convenient, and elegant beyond expectations

In addition to the intelligent Aiotec 4.1 technology and LED faucet displaying water quality, the Karofi KAQ-N96 also impresses users with its sophisticated appearance in trendy mint color; it is the perfect choice for caring for and assuring the good health of the whole family.


Smart LED faucet - Feeling secure when Using

The Karofi KAQ-N96 integrates a smart LED faucet, which displays the TDS index of the water and the status of the machine, making it easy for users to monitor water quality and ensure safety during use. In particular, the faucet is designed with strong steel ribs, convenient twist operation, and meets IP67 water resistance standards, providing comprehensive security.


AIOTEC Intelligent technology - Remote water quality monitoring

The KAQ-N96 is equipped with AIOTEC intelligent technology that allows users to confidently monitor the entirety of the water filtration system. Simply download the Karofi 365 app and you can check: water cleanliness, filter replacement date, machine status, warranty activation, quick contact to customer service... from anywhere and at any time.


The powerful 10-stages filtration system

The 10-stage powerful SMAX filters provide superior high performance: doubling the capacity and doubling the lifespan.


The new generation Smax Pro V filtration system

Upgrading the 3 pre-filters from Smax Duo to Smax Pro V, increases the contact area with water by 3 times, resulting in double filtration efficiency. The Smart Connect technology ensures stable operation and doubles the lifespan of the filter compared to the previous generation of pre-filter systems.


100 GPD RO membrane US standard

Eliminating 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, amoebas, arsenic, heavy metal ions, and harmful substances in water.


Elegant and trendy design

The youthful mint color, edge-to-edge glass, and strong sharp angles give the KAQ-N96 a decorative touch that illuminates any home.


Filtered water meets the standard of bottled drinking water QCVN 6-1:2010 MOH

The purified water from the Karofi KAQ-N96 hot and cold water purifier meets the standard of bottled drinking water QCVN 6-1:2010 MOH, recognized by the Institute of Occupational Health & Environment - Ministry of Health according to the WHO's process.

Link to announcement: https://chungnhankarofi.nioeh.org.vn/.


The warranty period is up to 36 months

The Karofi KAQ-N96 D36S offers the longest 36-month warranty in the market with the staff of dedicated technicians and customer care.



The Useful Effects of the filters in the Karofi KAQ-N96 water purifier

1.1. The RO filtration system is composed of three main parts:

  • Pre-filter Phase: Smax Pro V filtration technology.
  • RO membrane: Smax RO filtration technology
  • Functional filter Phase: Smax high-performance HP 6.0 filtration technology

1.2. Smax Pro V filtration technology includes:

- SMAX PRO V1 filter - Constructed from a 3-layered structure of intelligent fan-shaped, medical-grade antibacterial fabric material used in healthcare. Removes larger-sized impurities such as debris, dirt, sand, mud, algae, solids... with a size greater than 5 microns.

- SMAX PRO V2 filter - Constructed from activated carbon particles, compressed at high temperature and pressure, and covered with a layer of PP fiber to enhance the pre-filtration efficiency. The second pre-filter removes excess organic matter, chlorine, and odor-causing gasses in the water.

- SMAX PRO V3 FILTER - Constructed from a 5-layer structure of intelligent fan-shaped, using medical-grade antibacterial fabric material commonly used in healthcare. The pre-filter eliminates particles such as moss, dirt, dust, sand, and solids with a size greater than 1 micron.

1.3. Smax RO filtration technology: consists of Smax RO Purifilm membrane, which is the heart of the water filtration system, helping to remove over 99% of chlorine, oil, viruses, bacteria, amoebae, arsenic, metal ions, and harmful substances in water.

1.4. Smax HP 6.2 high performance filtration technology includes:

  • T33-GAC filter: effectively treats odor, organic matter, and provides a stable and natural sweet taste to water.
  • Mineral filter: supplements minerals and helps increase pH, supporting the neutralization of excess acid.
  • ORP Alkaline filter: reduces the ORP of water and increases its pH, supporting the neutralization of excess acid.
  • Hydrogen filter: supplements hydrogen to help reduce oxidative substances and harmful radicals in the body.
  • Tourmaline filter: generates beneficial negative ions for the body and activates water to make it easier for the body to absorb.
  • Nanosilver Plus filter: eliminates bacteria and prevents bacterial recontamination after water passes through the RO membrane.
  • Mineral Plus filter: supplements double the amount of minerals and helps increase pH, supporting the neutralization of excess acid.

How often should you replace the filter cartridge?

The replacement time for the filter cartridge depends on the water quality in each area and the usage capacity:

For the Smax Pro V filter set, the recommended maximum usage time is 12 months.

For the Smax RO membrane, the recommended usage time is from 24 to 36 months.

For the Smax Nano filter set, the recommended maximum usage time is 12 months.

For the high-performance Smax filter system, the recommended maximum usage time is 12 months




TCVN 11978:2017




100 GPD Purifilm USA

Filtration capacity

20 L/H

Pressure Storage Tank

5 L

Solenoid valve


Booster Pump



220/50 V/Hz

Power consumption


Filtration system

10 stages: Smax ProV1; Smax ProV2; Smax ProV3; RO membrane; 6 high-performance Smax filters: Mineral; T33-GAC; ORP Alkaline; Tourmaline; Hydrogen; Nanosilver Plus

Functional filters

Mineral; T33-GAC; Alkaline; Tourmaline; Hydrogen; Nanosilver Plus

Pure water recovery rate


Number of Faucets


Flow rate of pure water faucet

>1 l/min

Cabinet color



24 kg


320 x 400 x 1027 mm


Aiotec, smart LED faucet


(Note: Some components of the machine may be changed in actuality while ensuring product quality)


Warranty period

36 months




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