RO membrane 50 GPD Made In USA

  • Remove most bacteria, amoeba, arsenic, metal ions and impurities in water.
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Outstanding advantage

RO membrane filter - USA is composed of thin film sheet of special material (TFC - Thin Film Composite), which is fastened and rolled together into a spiral configuration. On the surface of the membrane, there are small holes with the size of about 0.1 - 0.5 nanometers (larger than only a few H2O molecules), so only water molecules can pass through for completely pure output water.

Function of RO membrane

  • Dissolved solids (insecticides, industrial dyes, etc.) often have large particle sizes, so they cannot pass through the RO membrane.
  • Bacteria (several Micrometers in size), or smaller viruses (several tens of nanometers in size), are tens of times larger than the size of the pores in the RO membrane.
  • The metal ions are small but hydrated (being surrounded by water molecules becomes more bulky and cannot pass through the RO membrane, so the output water is just pure water.

Replacement time: 18 - 24 months/time or depending on input water source:

  • For normal water source: Input water is about 43,700 liters - 65,500 liters.
  • For water contaminated with limestone: Input water is about 12,400 liters - 49,700 liters.



TFC - Thin Film Composite


Usage time:

18 - 24 months (65.000L)


Max flow:


Usage pressure:

10 bar



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