Filter No. 4 - RO Membrane

  • Removing most bacteria, amoebas, arsenic, metal ions and impurities in water.

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Outstanding advantages

RO - USA membrane is made of thin film made of special material (TFC - Thin Film Composite), which is fastened and rolled together into a spiral shape. The surface of the membrane consists of small holes about 0.1 - 0.5 nanometers (bigger than just a few H2O molecules), so only let water molecules pass through so that the outlet water is completely pure.

The mechanism of action of the RO membrane
  • Soluble solids (pesticides, industrial dyes, etc.) often have a large particle size that makes it impossible to pass through the RO membrane.

  • Bacteria (several micrometers in size), or smaller viruses (several tens of nanometers in size), are dozens of times larger than the size of the holes in the RO membrane.

  • Although metal ions are small but hydrated (surrounded by water molecules, they become bulky and cannot penetrate RO membrane), so the output water is only pure water.

Replacement time: every 18 - 24 months or depending on input water source:
  • For normal water sources: The input water is about 43,700 liters - 65,500 liters.

  • For limestone contaminated water: The input water is about 12,400 liters - 49,700 liters.

Material: TFC-Thin Film Composite
Service life:
Service life: 18-24 months (65.000l)
Pressure when using: 10 bar
Maximum flow: 10l/h
Origin: USA

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