Smax Duo 3 Post Carbon Filter

  • Remove organic matter, colorant, unpleasant chlorine smell in water... and protect RO membrane from oxidizing agents.
  • The filter element is arranged in the form of a fan structure that increases the contact area with the water, helping to filter faster, and reducing the risk of clogging the filter.
  • Combining two layers of high-grade natural polypropylene and activated carbon filter materials helps increase 2-3 times the efficiency of filtering pollutants compared to conventional filters.
  • Installed after core Smax Duo 2 – Ion Exchange (Cation) for water contaminated with limestone.

Outstanding advantage

  • Materials: Polypropylene, natural coconut shell activated carbon.
  • Natural coconut shell activated carbon is fired with high pressure of 1100 PSI to create mesopores with a capillary surface of only 2-50 nm, linked with Polyethylene fibers pressed into Post Carbon blocks to help the flow of water. Water is evenly distributed at all points, the coal surface is in maximum contact with water.
  • Smax Duo 3 Post Carbon Filter helps to remove organic substances, colorants, and unpleasant odors in domestic water, with a size as small as nanometers, and at the same time protects the RO membrane from oxidizing agents.
  • Usage time:: Recommended up to 12 months equivalent (10,000L - 15,000 L). The shelf life of the filter core depends on the quality of the water source in each area and the capacity used. Therefore, it is important to check regularly to ensure that the filtered water is always pure
  • Smax Duo 3 Post Carbon Filter  Multi-point microfiltration technology installed after No. 2 Activated Carbon filter

Quality standards

  • Products are manufactured according to the ISO 9001:2015 certified technology process.
  • Contributing to helping the filtered water to meet the national standard of direct drinking water QCVN6-1:2010/BYT


Material: High quality natural coconut shell activated carbon
Service life:
Service life: Maximum 12 Months (10,000L-15,000L), Usage time depends on the flow of pure water used per day and the quality of the inlet water.
Pressure when using: 5 bar
Maximum flow: 100 l/h
Origin: Vietnam
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