Filter No.2 – Smax Duo 2 – Activated Carbon

  • Activated Carbon technology helps to remove organic substances, colorants, unpleasant chlorine odors in domestic water...
  • New technology maximizes filtration efficiency.
  • Material: Activated Carbon (Activated Carbon)
  • Install on 2nd slot for water source without much calcium white residue
Outstanding advantages
  • Material: Activated Charcoal
  • Using raw materials is activated carbon that undergoes calcination in a vacuum environment, with high pressure at temperatures up to 900°C. Coal is smoldered for 8-12 days with the activation process by oxidizing gases to create activated carbon charcoal with countless small lithium holes from only 2-50nm on the surface, helping the coal to have a contact area. with maximum impurities in water.
  • Remove organic substances, colorants, unpleasant chlorine smell in domestic water...
  • The small filter capillary surface of 10-50 nm helps to adsorb micro-sized substances
  • Outstanding odor and organics removal efficiency
  • Shelf life: Recommended up to 12 months. The shelf life of the filter core depends on the quality of the water source in each place and the capacity used. Therefore, it is important to check regularly to ensure that the filtered water is always pure.
  • Use for water source without much calcium white residue
Quality standards
  • Products are manufactured according to the ISO 9001:2015 certified technology process.
  • Help the filtered water to meet the national standard of pure drinking water QCVN6-1:2010/BYT.



Activated Carbon



Up to 12 months (10,000L - 15,000L). Lifespan depends on used volume per day and quality of inlet water


Max flow:

100 L/H


5 bar



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