Filter No.1 - Smax Duo 1 - Duo Pro Double Protection

180,000 VNĐ
  • Duo Pro's dual protection technology eliminates debris, dirt, grit, mud and moss, and helps to treat both organic materials and unpleasant odors.
  • Materials: Combining two layers of polypropylene filter materials and high-quality natural coconut shell activated carbon.
  • The processing efficiency is 2-3 times higher than the standard No.1 filter and helps to increase component life.

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  • Duo Pro double protection technology is researched and manufactured on modern lines, undergoes heating process at temperatures up to 300 degrees C, presses into microfiber multi-point microfibre filters from 1-2 microns, arranged smart rips of fan structure with maximum contact point with water, inside is activated carbon block of high quality natural coconut shell integrated in the same water filter creating Duo Pro technology.
  • Helps to remove scum, dirt, grit, mud, moss and dual treatment of both organic substances, odorous substances and daily water.
  • The treatment effect of pollutants is 2-3 times higher than that of conventional No. 1 water filters.
  • The filter element is organized in the form of rips of fan structure to increase the water contact area, help filter faster, reducing the risk of filter clogging.
  • Shelf life: Recommended up to 12 months. The service life of the filter depends on the quality of the water in each place and the capacity used. Therefore, it is important to pay frequent checks to ensure that the filtered water always meets the purity standards.
  • Product is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 certification technology process.
  • Contributing to helping the filtered water source meet the national standard of pure drinking water QCVN6-1: 2010/BYT.
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Pre-filtration filter (Up to 12 months), RO membrane (24-36 months), Post-filtration filter (From 12 months)

*Note: The filter core products after being replaced should be disposed of at the prescribed place, the recycling bin for recycling plastic.