Direct water heater Karofi KBO-I450

  • Absolute safety with 7-layer protection technology

  • Instant heating with direct heating technology

  • Super quiet and durable booster pump

  • High-end shower with 5 modes

  • Fast heating to 55 degrees C

  • EMC electromagnetic compatibility standard which protects health

Karofi KBO-I450 direct water heater works by direct heating mechanism without passing the tank, so the whole family will have hot water to use immediately without waiting. Especially pioneering the market with 7-layer protection technology to ensure safety for the whole family, absolute peace of mind and relaxation.


Absolutely safe with 7-layer protection technology

KBO-I450 is like a superhero protecting the whole family from anxiety when using a water heater with special 7-layer protection technology. With this technology, your family is fully guaranteed, comfortably enjoying warm water.


The temperature sensor protects the skin safely

Owning a high-end temperature sensor, the KBO-I450 direct water heater will automatically stop heating when it reaches a maximum temperature of 55 degrees Celsius to help protect the skin and avoid burning when the water temperature is too high.


Power-assist Pump with super quiet operation

Power-assist pump operates super quiet, works well even when the water is weak, providing a powerful hot water stream to help you quickly wash away all the fatigue of a busy day.


Electromagnetic compatibility for home appliances

With EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) technology, the electromagnetic waves emitted when using the KBO-I450 direct water heater will be extremely low, so you absolutely do not have to worry about the electronic devices in the house being interfered or flickering, contributing to the safety of the whole family's health.


Powerful heating power 4500W

With a capacity of 4500W, the machine is always strong and durable. Besides, with the direct heating mechanism, you can immediately use warm water without the need for a water tank, quickly enjoying the feeling of relaxation and leisure.


Convenient shower with 5 spray modes

KBO-I450 is equipped with a chrome-plated shower with 5 spray modes:

- Strong spray mode: Strong water pressure, only spray a few holes in the middle of the nozzle

- Wide spray mode: Spray the outer rim holes to help spread the water

- Massage spray mode: Water flows gently and smoothly as if being massagedage

- Rain spray mode: Boost pressure and flow all holes in the nozzle

- Mist mode: Water is sprayed, feeling like being steamed


Compact, modern design

KBO-I450 is designed in a neat rectangular modern style, suitable for any space.


Convenient adjustment according to user needs

- LEDs indicate heating operation and operating status of the ELCB anti-shock system

- LED temperature display makes it easy to monitor the actual temperature and set the correct temperature according to your needs.

- Power knob and pump knob help you actively set the heating capacity (water temperature) and pump operation (water flow) to the most suitable level.

- Pump on/off pump, ELCB anti-shock system check and reset push buttons


Professional genuine warranty

Enjoy the genuine warranty PROFESSIONAL - DEDICATED - PROFESSIONAL PRECISE in Karofi's service ecosystem.

With the Karofi KBO-I450 direct water heater, customers get a 2-year warranty on electrical components.


Karofi KBO-I450 direct water heater with 7-layer protection technology and powerful heating system, smart features and the highest warranty on the market will ensure complete peace of mind for your family. Enjoy endless comfort during use.


Anti-Shock ELCB


Customizable heating temperature

Water temperature (Power) and water flow (Pump)

Waterproof standard


Protection Technology

7 layers of safety protection


4500 W


220 V

Maximum Heating Temperature

55 °C

Maximum Operating Pressure

0.02 - 0.60 Mpa


225 x 75 x 380 mm


1.90 Kg

Warranty period for electrical components

24 Months

Heating Technology



Rectangular, flat

Booster Pump

Super Quite

Shower Included

Chrome plated, customize 5 water modes

Display Temperature

Via electronic LED board

Electromagnetic compatibility

EMC Standard

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