Direct water heater Karofi KBO-I400

  • Super safe 7-layer protection technology for users

  • Direct super heating speed up to 55 degrees C

  • Intelligent thermal stabilization technology

  • Chrome-plated shower with 5 settings for a very comfortable skin massage

  • LED display for visual temperature display

  • Conveniently remember the last used temperature

  • 360-degree customizable installation for absolute comfort

  • 2-year genuine warranty

The first pumpless direct water heater with 7-layer protection technology KBO-I400

The first pumpless direct water heater in Vietnam with special 7-layer protection technology and smart features to bring the perfect bathing experience to the whole family.


Step into the world behind a direct water heater Karofi

Special 7-layer protection technology

KBO-I400 is like a "silent hero" that works continuously with 7-layer protection technology to ensure absolute safety for the whole family.


Super fast heating up to 55 degrees Celsius - Save waiting time

With the mechanism which heating water by a resistance bar, then hot water is delivered directly to the faucet, so you can use it almost immediately after turning on the machine without the need for a water storage tank. In particular, KBO-I400 has the ability to heat up to 55 degrees Celsius, superior to conventional models with only 45-50 degrees Celsius.


Intelligent thermal stabilization technology

KBO-I400's intelligent thermal stabilization technology keeps the water temperature stable. Whether the temperature of the inlet water changes or the water flow is not stable, the machine can control the hot water outlet temperature, avoid wasting electricity, bring comfort and safety to family members.


Powerful heating power 4500W

The machine is equipped with a strong and durable operating capacity, which helps to heat up quickly and save time.


Adjust the temperature for absolute relaxation

Customizable temperature settings provide an endlessly comfortable bathing experience for each member of the family. Besides, adjusting the temperature also helps save electricity, avoid burns, and protects your skin.


Chrome-plated shower with 5 modes - Massage skin, enjoy refreshing

KBO-I400 is equipped with a shower with 5 different water spray modes for convenient bathing and washing. The water jets from Karofi's high-end chrome-plated shower head will help the body get a gentle massage, which is not only good for the skin but also enhances blood circulation to make the body more refreshed and healthier.


Remember the last used temperature - Easy to use

KBO-I400 direct water heater has the ability to remember the last used temperature, with just one touch it will make the desired hot temperature, providing maximum comfort, especially, the elderly and the children can use it easily.


LED display of temperature - Precise adjustment of desired temperature

The KBO-I400 is equipped with an intuitive LED display of the temperature. Thanks to that, you can monitor the right shower temperature and adjust it precisely to each degree Celsius, bringing comfort and moments of absolute relaxation.


360 degree customizable installation - Absolute comfort

With flexible water circulation and sturdy mounting structure that allows you to install the unit in both forward and reverse direction, suitable for any space.


Connecting diverse water sources - Convenient, comfortable

The machine can connect to a variety of water sources, used for both bathrooms and sinks for the whole family to comfortably enjoy warm water.


Elegant and trendy design

In addition to focusing on quality, Karofi always follows modern design trends to create extremely trendy and luxurious water heater products.


Professional genuine warranty

Enjoy the genuine warranty PROFESSIONAL - DEDICATED - PROFESSIONAL PRECISE in Karofi's service ecosystem.

With the Karofi KBO-I400 direct water heater, customers get a 2-year warranty on electrical components.


Anti-shock ELCB


Dual Relay (Temperature stability)


Customizable heating temperature

Yes (Via control)

Anti-corrosion Magnesium Bar


Waterproof standard


Protection Technology

7 layers of safety protection


4500 W


4500 W

Maximum Heating Temperature

55 °C

Maximum Operating Pressure

0.02 - 0.60 Mpa


225 x 103 x 400 mm


2.07 Kg

Warranty period for electrical components

24  Months

Heating Technology 



Rectangular, flat

Booster Pump

Super quiet

Shower included

Chrome plated, customize 5 water modes

Display Temperature

Via electronic LED board

Electromagnetic compatibility

EMC Standard

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