Karofi accompanies Thuy Tien to install a water filter system to help people in the West against drought



Thuy Tien said she regularly updates the process of preparing to install water filters to give the audience absolute peace of mind about the progress of implementation.


Among the artists who dip into their pockets and establish a fund and call on the audience to join hands to help people in the West overcome the drought and saline intrusion in recent days, it is impossible not to mention Thuy Tien. In addition to the amount of immediately 50 million VND, the singer has now raised nearly 12 billion VND to install water filters for people in 12 western provinces struggling with natural disasters. In addition to regularly updating the amount of money received from the audience, sponsors, Thuy Tien also personally went to the provinces to survey and ask the authorities to install water filers, to help somewhat with the daily life for people.

Recently, to give people more peace of mind about the progress of implementation, she shared the image of the installation of the water filter that is urgently completed to bring back the provinces that have surveyed and installed the machine. According to Thuy Tien, up to 10 technicians participated in the installation survey to speed up the progress for people with fresh water. In addition, the singer also personally tried water after filtration to ensure quality.


Close-up of the water filter installation process will bring the surveyed provinces to install. Thuy Tien said it takes at least 2 to 3 days for the new water filters installation to complete

"As scheduled, today is Thursday, the water filter is brought to the first survey point in Hamlet 4, Tan Phuoc Commune, Go Cong. The whole room is a whole machine, then three filtration systems, dirty filter system, six column filter system in the water (sand and quartz soften and increase the water energy and some disinfection filters for arsenic-filtering microorganisms in these six columns), then the high pressure salt filtration system and pure fresh water filtration RO membrane ... In addition, there are two tanks of 5,000 liters and 3,000 liter tanks with large stainless steel.In the picture, you see 6 filters are 1 filter system, we have two filter systems (Type 1 filter).
As the water filter is due to a large capacity saltwater filtration system for the whole population, it is necessary to mobilize many installation techniques until 2 days to complete because the electricity line is a bit difficult. The place where the water filter is placed is the common community area of the commune, so people come to get water conveniently. Water filter can be used for more than 5 years if carefully maintained, all systems are automatic. No need to wash water filter periodically. When the water filter is finished, I will accept the project and try to see if the water is good (fresh) or not, then I will give it to the people to use, "Thuy Tien shared.


Previously Thuy Tien and her husband Cong Vinh went directly to survey in Tien Giang and Ben Tre provinces to install water filters. The singer revealed that she is still on the list of surveys to help people in the West.

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