Smart Storage Water Heater Karofi KBO-R205

  • 20L indirect water heater with Aiotec active control
  • 5-layer protection technology and intelligent automatic power-off system for absolute safety
  • Lifetime warranty for the heat bar

ICS intelligent system - Absolute peace of mind for the whole family

For the first time in Vietnam market, the KBO-R205 water heater with the exclusive ICS intelligent system is only available in Karofi. Thanks to the application of advanced safety features, the product allows to cut off all heating power when the user is taking a shower. Therefore, you are completely assured during the process of using the water heater when there are young children or elderly people at home, helping everyone in the family comfortably enjoy every moment.


The first water heater with AIoTec technology

For the first time, water heater brings a classy lifestyle according to smarthome system 4.0. Karofi KBO-R205 water heater - Smart - Safe - Durable. Thanks to a smart processor with AIoTec remote control technology, KBO-R205 becomes a caring "assistant", always ready to provide hot water for the whole family, absolutely safe even when you are not at home.


Superior technology - Elevated comfort

Just owning a smartphone to download the Karofi 365 app, every status about the water heater will always be updated 24/7. You can rest assured to easily control the operation of the product, adjust the water heater remotely with just one touch. In addition, the outstanding features of smart timer, demand temperature suggestion, operation warning, overheating prevention, maintenance warning... will help avoid energy waste and effectively save electricity, bringing more convenience and modernity to the family.


AIoTec - 3T - Smart assistant protects the whole family

All possibilities at your fingertips, encapsulated in one AIoTec - 3T application only available in Karofi: Proactive time - Absolute safety - Saving energy brings a convenient, comfortable life and peace of mind for users. You only need wifi connection to be able to easily control the device remotely through the phone screen. At the same time, select and update many different usage modes for a more diverse and optimal device experience.


5-layer protection technology - Absolutely safe for everyone

KBO-R205 water heater is equipped with a superior safety system with 5 layers of protection: ELCB anti-shock system automatically detects electrical leakage and disconnects immediately when a fault is detected; 2-level protection relay automatically disconnects power according to temperature; Safety valve against high pressure to prevent fire and explosion; Meets IPX1 international waterproof standard, absolutely safe in wet environment; One-welding-line manufacturing technology helps minimize water leakage in the tank. Therefore, you and your family are always assured of comprehensive protection when using.


Beyond time luxury design

KBO-R205 with the luxury design, trendy black mask, combined with halftone patterns to create soft lines, for a modern and stylish bathroom.


High-quality materials - Optimum heat retention - Energy saving - Outstanding durability

The tank is coated with Titanium enamel combined with a high-density Polyurethane (PU) insulation layer to limit heat loss and keep the water hot for a long time to save maximum energy, solving the problem of electricity bills for your home. Thanks to the heat rod made of high-grade Incoloy 840 material with Titanium enamel, it helps to create an enamel layer around the burning pile, adding a layer of protection against corrosion. European standard magnesium bar to prevent scale and reduce tank corrosion.


5 star standard genuine warranty

Karofi applies liability insurance worth up to 5 billion VND, especially Incoloy 840 high-class heat exchanger is guaranteed forever as an affirmation of service quality. Karofi is committed to bringing the best experience to customers with Dedication - Professionalism - Expert standard.


Anti-Shock ELCB


Dual Relay (Temperature stability)


Customizable heating temperature


Anti-corrosion Magnesium Bar


Operation indicator light

1 Light, 2 Color

Burning stakes

Incoloy 840

Material inside the bottle

Titanium enameled steel

Waterproof standard


Protection Technology

5 layers of safety protection


15 liters


2500 W


220 V

Maximum Heating Temperature

75 °C

Heating time

30 minutes

Maximum Operating Pressure

0.8 Mpa


620 x 307 x 319 mm


11.5 Kg

Warranty period for electrical components

24 Months

Tank warranty period

96 Months, Lifetime Burner Warranty


Việt Nam

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