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Karofi Water Purifier KT-E9RO

  • 9 filter (3 Pre-Filter, RO Membrane, 2 T33-GAC; Far Infrared; Mineral; Nano Silver).
  • 100GPD quick-changing RO membrane.
  • Removes 99.99% of pollutants present in water: impurities, rust, organic matter, heavy metals.
  • Install under the cabinet, saving space.
  • Warranty: 36 Months
  • Prices include VAT
  • Note: Some components of the machine may be changed according to reality while still ensuring the quality of the product.

Function of filters in Karofi KT-E9RO

1.1. Structure of RO purification system:

  • Pre-filter: Smax Duo technology
  • RO membrane: Smax RO technology
  • Functional filter: Smax Nano technology

1.2. Structure of Smax Duo technology

  • Smax Duo 1 (5 micron): remove more than 5 micron dirt in water
  • Activated Carbon: remove organic, colorant, chlorine in water and protect RO membrane from oxidation
  • Smax Duo 3 (1 micron): remove almost all of more than 1 micron dirt in the water.

1.3. Smax RO: 

  • include Smax RO Purifilm - the heart of the water purifier
  • remove more than 99% clorants, oil, virus, bacteria, metal ion, and toxic in water

1.4. Smax Nano:

  • T33-GAC filter: remove organic substances, unpleasant odors in running water and balance natural taste of water
  • Mineral filter: adding mineral and upgrade pH, balance extra acid
  • Far Infrared filter: dividing water molecules to help the body to absorb easily
  • Nano Silver filter: killing bacteria, preventing reinfection after water flows through the RO membrane. 

How often do you need to change filters?

Life-time of filter depends on quality of water resources in each region and usage capacity

  • Smax Duo filter: 12 months is recommended
  • Smax RO filter: 24-36 months is recommended
  • Smax Nano filters, 12 months is recommended
Product features
Quality standards
QCVN6-1:2010/BYT Yes
TCVN 11978:2017 Yes
Membrane 100GPD quick-changing RO membrane. - made in US
Filter capacity 20 L/H
Pressure tank Plastic Tank meets European health and safety standards (Version using steel tank manufactured before April 2020)
Voltage 220/50 V/Hz
Power consumption 25w/h
Weight 14Kg
Color of cabinet No cabinet
Number of faucets 1
Pure water recovery rate 50-60%
Functional filters 2xT33-GAC; Far Infrared; Mineral; Nano Silver
Filter system 9 filters
Warranty period 36 months
Other features
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