Undersink Water Purifier Karofi S-s137

  • 7 Stages (3 Pre-filter, RO Membrane, T33-GAC, Mineral, NanoSilver).
  • RO membrane 100GPD quick-change Korea.
  • Removes 99.99% of pollutants present in water: impurities, rust, organic, heavy metals.
  • No cabinets,under sink, space saving.
  • Warranty: 36 Months
  • Prices include VAT
  • Note: Some components of the machine may be changed according to the actual situation still ensuring the quality of the product.

Undersink water purifier Karofi S-s137

Effects of filters in Karofi S-s137

1.1. RO filtration system is composed of 3 main parts:

  • Coarse filter group: Smax Duo filter technology
  • RO membrane: RO . filtration technology
  • Functional filter group: Smax Nano . filter technology

1.2. Smax Duo filter technology includes:

  • Filter Smax Duo 1 (new) - Duo Pro Dual Protection: removes residues, dirt, sand, grit, mud, moss, and simultaneously treats both organic matter and unpleasant odors in the source. country.
  • Filter Smax Duo 2- Activated Carbon: remove organic matter, colorant, unpleasant chlorine smell in water.
  • Smax Duo 3 Filter - Multi-point microfiltration: removes residues, dirt, sand, grit, mud, algae and other solids over 1 micron in size in used water.

1.3. RO filter technology removes 99.99% of impurities including Amoeba, Arsenic, heavy metal ions, viruses, bacteria and other impurities for completely pure water.

1.4. Smax Nano filter technology includes:

  • T33-GAC Filter: handling difficult odors, organic substances... superior and stabilizing the natural sweetness of water
  • Mineral Filter: supplement minerals and help raise pH, support neutralization of residual acids
  • NanoSilver Filter: kill bacteria, prevent re-infection after water passes through RO membrane

How often should you change the filter element?

The shelf life of the filter depends on the quality of the water source in each area and the capacity used:

For the Smax Duo Filter set, the recommended usage period is up to 12 months.

For Smax RO Filter, the recommended use time is from 24 - 36 months.

For the Smax Nano Filter set, the recommended usage time is up to 12 months.

Quality Standard



TCVN 11978:2017




100GPD RO membrane quick-change - Made in Korea 

Filtration Capacity 

20 L/H


Plastic pressure tank meets European health and safety standards

 (Old version using steel pressure tank manufactured before April 2020)


220V - 50Hz

Electric used


Filtration Systems

7 Stages (3 Pre-filters, RO membrane , 3 function filters)

Function Filters

T33-GAC; Mineral; NanoSilver

Pure water recovery rate





15 kg



36 months




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