Karofi S-s137 Under-sink Water Purifier

4,500,000 VNĐ
  • 7 filter levels (3 pre-filtration filters; RO membrane, T33-GAC filter; Mineral filter, NanoSilver filter).
  • RO membrane 100GPD that can be changed quickly (Korea).
  • Eliminate 99.99% of pollutants in water: impurities, rust, organic matter, heavy metals.
  • No cabinets, under-sink, saving space
  • Warranty: 36 Months

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Product features
Quality standards
QCVN6-1:2010/BYT Yes
TCVN 11978:2017 Yes
Membrane RO membrane 100GPD that can be changed quickly (Korea)
Filter capacity 20 L/H
Pressure tank Plastic pressure tank meeting European safety standards (The version uses steel pressure tank manufactured before April 2020)
Voltage 220V - 50Hz
Power consumption 24w/h
Weight 15 kg
Pure water recovery rate 60%
Functional filters T33-GAC core; Mineral core; NanoSilver core
Filter system 7 levels (3 coarse cores, RO Membrane, 3 levels of filter functions)
Dimensions including cabinet (LxWxH) (200 x 370 x 525) mm
Warranty period 36 months
Other features

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On time filter replacement for a healthier family

Lifetime clean water with the durable machine

Pre-filtration filter (Up to 12 months), RO membrane (24-36 months), Post-filtration filter (From 12 months)

*Note: The filter core products after being replaced should be disposed of at the prescribed place, the recycling bin for recycling plastic.