KAROFI KBQ-U56 Mini Water Purifier

  • High filtration capacity up to 600L/H
  • New technology UF filter automatically washes
  • Filtered water meets the national standard of clean water QCVN 01
  • AioTec technology wash timer
  • 36 months warranty
KAROFI U56 - Mini water purifier with different functions

Create CLEAN WATER without containers that meet QCVN 01 standards, remove bacteria, heavy metals, toxic impurities.

Maximum filtration speed with huge filtration capacity up to 600L/H, is the perfect choice for the family, use water without waiting.

Owning a UF filter with micro-filter holes that automatically washes, improving the service life.

Smart AioTec technology helps to schedule cleaning of the filter, saving water.

Increase the life of household appliances, avoid black residue, white residue, yellowing.

Compact design with a thickness of only 27.4 cm, saving kitchen space for every home.

Product name KAROFI KBQ-U56 water purifier
Filtration capacity: 600 L/h
Membrane: UF Membrane
Filtration system: 3 evels of filtration
Filters: Core 1 - Smax Duo 1 Microfilter, Core 3 - Smax Duo 3 Post Carbon Filter
Filtering efficiency: Filtering dirt, moss, sand and gravel, Microbiological treatment of bacteria, Treatment of color, odor, taste of organic substances.
Voltage: 220V - 50Hz
Package size: (405 x 274 x 555) mm
Weight: 12 kg
Made in : Viet Nam




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