Karofi HCV351-WH RO integrated Hot & Cold dispenser

  • 6-level filtration system: PP5 Filter, OCB Filter, PP1 Filter, Kerean 100 GPD RO Membrane, T33 Filter, Nanosilver Filter)
  • Integrated 6-stage RO filtration system
  • Cooling with Thailand Block 
  • Safe hot-water lock for children
  • Warranty Period: 24 months with Block, Electrical Accessories.
  • Price with VAT Included
  • Notice: Some components of the machine may be changed according to the actual situation and still ensure the quality of the product)
Standard Pure Bottled Drinking Water: QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT

Passing all the rigorous testing procedures for the quality of filtered water and the quality of water purifiers used in domestic use, Karofi is the first and only unit to achieve the 2 highest certifications for water purifier quality: National standard for water for direct drinking water QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT issued by the Institute of Occupational Health & Environment Ministry of Health and National Standard TCVN 11978:2017 for household water purifiers issued by the General Department Quality measurement – ​​Ministry of Science and Technology level.

The certified water source must meet the MOH's standards for 21 toxic physico-chemical criteria such as Arsenic, Ammonium, Lead, Cyanide, Mercury, Copper, Nitrate... and 5 microbiological criteria: E.Coli, Coliform, Streptococci feacal, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Spores of sulfite-reducing anaerobic bacteria, ensuring absolute safety for users' health with direct drinking water.

  • Block cooling technology, can adjust the temperature of hot water to above 90 degrees and cold water to below 10 degrees.
  • Power used to heat water (500W) and cool water (90W)
  • Hot-water lock 
  • LED Light for hot-cold mode
  • Volume for hot water tank: 1 liter and up to 3.2 liters for cold water tank
  • Stainless Steel tank with super durable ABS material Cabinet 
Outstanding advantages
  • Block (Thailand) technology can generate cold water below 10oC.
  • Power used for water heating (500W) and water cooling (90W)
  • Hot water faucet lock reduces risks of boiling water
  • Led lights displays hot - cold mode.
  • Hot water tank volume: 2 liters, cold water tank volume: up to 3.2 liters.
  • The water tanks are made of stainless steel, the casing are made of durable white ABS plastic.
Integrating 6-level RO purified water filtration technology
Remove coarse impurities from 1-5 microns, heavy metal ions, remove strange odors in water
Made from coconut casing activated carbon, deodorizing and increasing sweetness for water
Eliminate most bacteria, heavy metal ions and other impurities
Prevent re-infection of water sources during water circulation
Energy saving, quick heating and deep cooling
  • Applying Block (Thailand) technology, the hot and cold water purifier (model HCV351-WH) of Karofi can adjust the hot water temperature to over 90oC and cold water below 10 oC. You can optionally choose the water temperature according to your needs such as hot water to make tea, milk, and coffee; moderately warm drinking water for the elderly and young children; or a cool glass of water on a hot summer day ...
  • The capacity used for water heating (500W) and water cooling (90W) is lower than some of the same product on the market, helping to save maximum costs.
Other outstanding advantages
  • Safety for the elderly and young children: hot water faucet lock eliminates the risk of boiling water.
  • Convenient to use: The distance between the faucet and the water tray is appropriately designed to help you get water easily when using a tall cup or personal pitcher. Especially with the automatic water intake mode, users will get more water and faster.
  • Easy to use as well as control the status of the machine thanks to the Led light showing the hot - cold mode.
  • Integrated 6-level RO filtration system automatically supplying pure water continuously, no worries about running out of water and completely assured of drinking water quality.
  • Hot and cold storage compartments with a heater volume of 2 liters, chiller volume up to 3.2 liters, larger than similar products on the market.
  • High durability: the water tanks are made of stainless steel, the casing are made of white ABS plastic being super durable, resistant to force, resistant to heat, easy to clean, clean and safe for user.
  • The product made in Vietnam are based on experimental research on water resources in 63 provinces and 700 districts. The output water quality meets QCVN 6-1: 2010/BYT standards of the Ministry of Health.
Warranty policies
  • Warranty: 36 Months for Block, 24 months for electrical components.
  • Fast and timely customer care service 24/7.

The function of the filter elements in the Karofi HCV - 351

1.1. RO filtration system is composed of 3 main parts:

  • Pre- filter group: Smax Duo filter technology
  • RO membrane: Smax RO . filter technology
  • Functional filter group: Smax Nano . filter technology

1.2. Smax Duo filter technology includes:

  • Filter Smax Duo 1 - Microfiltration: Removes impurities, dirt, grit, sand, mud, algae with a size of over 5 microns mixed in water used daily.
  • Smax Duo 3 Post carbon filter: Removes organic substances, colorants, unpleasant odors in domestic water, with a size as small as nanometers, and at the same time protects the RO membrane from oxidizing agents.
  • Smax Duo 3 filter - Multi-point microfiltration: Removes residues, dirt, sand, grit, mud, algae and solids over 1 micron in size in used water.

1.3. Smax RO filtration technology: Including the Smax RO Purifim filter is the heart of the water purifier, helping to remove more than 99% of chlorine, oil, viruses, bacteria, amoeba, arsenic, metal ions and harmful substances in water.

1.4. Smax Nano filter technology includes:

  • filter T33-GAC: Handles difficult odors, organic substances, etc., and stabilizes the natural sweetness of water.
  • Nano Silver filter: Kills bacteria and prevents re-infection after water passes through the RO membrane.

How often should you change the filter element?

The shelf life of the filter depends on the quality of the water source in each area and the capacity used:

For the Smax Duo Filter set, the recommended usage period is up to 12 months.

For Smax RO Filter, the recommended use time is from 24 - 36 months.

For the Smax Nano Filter set, the recommended usage time is up to 12 months.

For high-performance Smax Filter clusters, the recommended usage period is up to 12 months. 

Cooling technology: Block
Membrane RO membrane 100 GP (Korea)
Cold water tank capacity: 3.2L
Hot water tank capacity: 1L
Cold water temperature: 8-10 °C
Hot water temperature: 80-90 °C
Cooling capacity: 90W
Heating capacity: 500W
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Casing material: ABS plastic is super durable, does not fade, with powder coated frame
Color: Black - White
Weight: 29Kg
Dimensions: 290 x 370 x 1118 (mm)
Hot water faucet safety lock: Yes
Warranty: 36 months for Block, 24 months for electrical components
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