Hydro-ion water purifier KAE-S65

  • The first water purifier with Hydro-ion technology
  • 2 modes: pure water -  alkaline ionized water
  • Full protection with Aiotec technology
  • Brand new edge-to-edge glass door
  • Brand new powerful 11-stage RO system
  • Monolithic RO membrane from USA
  • Filtered water meets national standards for direct drinking water QCVN 6-1:2010 BYT
  • 36-month warranty

Karofi KAE-S65 - Pioneer of Hydro-Ion technology

Discover a new definition of Hydrogen water - Karofi KAE-S65 applies 3in1 Hydro-ion technology, using modern electrolysis method together with high-performance Smax combo functional filters, providing a complete solution for water resources, and upgrade healthcare to a higher level.


Platinum-plated Titanium electrode - the "heart" of S65 uses rare, heat-resistant and non-corrosive materials for a longer longevity. The mesh structure allows the electrode to divide water molecules microscopically, therefore increase electrolytic efficiency. Only on Karofi products, you are able to visually see the electrolysis of water displayed right on the machine's surface.


Totally different from other Hydrogen water purifiers, Karofi KAE-S65 conducts electrolysis right after water is completely filtered through RO membrane. After that, the water continues to go through the high-performance Smax combo of functional filter, adding minerals and alkaline ions. This process minimizes the conversion of substances dissolved in water and deposition in the electrolytic membrane, strictly control water quality after electrolysis, increasing Hydrogen content up to 1300ppb, while adding alkaline ions and ORP at -150mV.

Alkaline Ionized Water – Trendy Global Health Care

Karofi KAE-S65 water purifier with 2 modes of Pure water - Alkaline ion, not only brings clean water quality, but also helps you and your family to be healthier and more beautiful:

  • Hydrogen content up to 1300ppb is effective in supporting the treatment of a number of diseases: diabetes, blood cholesterol, preventing atherosclerosis...
  • ORP index at -150mV, PH level from 8-9,5 has a good effect in enhancing body health, beautifying skin, supporting to slow down the aging process...
  • Supplementing alkaline ions from high-performance Smax cluster to help neutralize excess acid, balance body PH.
  • The cluster of water molecules through electrolysis becomes very small, so the ability to move and absorb to the body will be 5 times faster than normal water, accelerating the elimination of toxins.

AioTec Technology – Smart companion in the family

Karofi KAE-S65 is the first Hydro-ion water purifier integrated AioTec technology that allows to proactively control water quality, alert for filters replacement, manage the condition of the machine... through the app Karofi 365 app anytime and anywhere.


Anti-flow technology - Automatically shuts off water immediately

Completely eliminating the worry of forgetting to lock the faucet causing water to overflow, for the first time in Vietnam, Karofi KAE-S65 integrates an extremely comfortable and modern anti-flow technology. The overflowing water just needs to touch the sensor chip on the surface of the machine, it will automatically shut off the water immediately. The feature seems simple but extremely useful, helping to increase the operating life of the machine, limit the risk of water spills damaging the floor or shorting electricity.


Exquisite Design - Perfect for a space

Possessing an infinity edge-to-edge glass design, luxurious and sharp black color, Karofi KAE-S65 is like a decoration for brightening space.

With the hidden wheels tucked away under the tripod without affecting the design, the machine is easy to move to any position without losing much time and effort.


Powerful 11-Smax filters system - Double capacity, double lifetime

The Smax Duo 1,2,3 filter system has been upgraded to a new generation Smax Pro filters, doubling the filtration efficiency, increasing the contact area 3 times to improve the efficiency of removing impurities and residues and lengthen the longevity of the filters.

High-performance Smax-filter system re-creat pure water with essential minerals, combined with Coconut carbon GAC-T33 function filter used to remove organic matter,color,odor; make water taste better, sweeter, suitable for everyone's needs.



Pass all stringent tests on the quality of filtered water and the quality of the water purifier for domestic use. Karofi achieve the highest certification in terms of quality for water purifiers for families: National Regulation QCVN 6-1: 2010/BYT on Direct Drinking Water issued by the Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health. URL:  https://chungnhankarofi.nioeh.org.vn/


36 months warranty - highest in the market

Karofi commit to bringing the best experience to customers with Dedication - Professionalism - Expert standard.


Function of filters in Karofi Hydro-Ion KAE-S65

1.1. RO system includes 3 mains parts:

  • Pre-filter: Smax Pro technology
  • RO: Smax RO technology
  • Functional filter: Smax Nano technology

1.2. Smax Duo Technology:

  • Smax Pro 1 filter: raising 3 times of touching surface squares and 1.5 times of efficiency
  • Smax Pro 2 filter: Including 2 special layers and raising 2 times of purifying efficiency
  • Smax Pro 3 filter: Including 5 membrane layers of Multi-point microfiltration technology with structure of…….  That helps to remove dirty substances Smax Pro 1 & 2 can’t do.
  • Purifion capability: 1.5 times
  • life-time: double the normal one.

1.3. Smax RO technology

Including Smax RO Purifilm - the heart of the purifier helping to remove more than 99% clorants, oil, virus, bacteria, amip, ion, and toxic in water

1.4. Smax Nano Technology

  • T33-GAC filter: removing organic substances, unpleasant odors in running water and balance natural taste of water
  • Mineral filter: adding mineral and upgrade pH, balance extra acid
  • Nano Silver plus filter: killing bacteria, preventing reinfection after water flows through the RO membrane. 
  • ORP Alkaline: reducing ORP and raise pH in water, neutralize extra acid
  • Hydrogen Plus filter: adding Hydrogen, helping to reduce oxidizing agents
  • Tourmaline: creating negative ions and active water, helping the body to absorb easily.

How often do you need to change filters?

Life-time of filter depends on quality of water resources in each region and usage capacity

  • Smax Duo filter: 12 months is recommended
  • Smax RO filter: 36 months is recommended
  • Smax Nano, 12 months is recommended
  • high-efficiency Smax, 12 months is recommended as max.

Quality Standard



TCVN 11978:2017



RO Membrane

Quick-changing RO membrane 100 GPD – Made in US

Filtration Capacity

20 L/H

Storage Tank

5 L

Auto Shut off valve





220/50 V/Hz

Electric Consumption


Filter system

11 filters

Function Filter

T33-GAC và set of Smax filters (T33-GAC; Mineral; Alkaline; Tourmaline; Hydrogen Plus; Nano Silver Plus)

Pure water recovery rate

Maximum 60%




>1 l/m




28 kg


300 x 338 x 890mm

Pre-filter system

Smax Pro 1, Smax Pro 2, Smax Pro 3

Outstanding Technology

Hydro-ion; Aiotec

Water after filtration

RO, Hydro-ion water

Hydrogen concentration

1000-1300 ppb



After-sale service


36 months




Other feature

Other feature

Touch control

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