Evaporative Air Cooler - Karofi KAC-H41R

  • AI technology automatically adjusts wind speed and cooling mode
  • Silver nano filter kills most bacteria and mold
  • Negative ion technology helps fresh air, reduces stress 
  • Equipped with gel dry ice box for quick and deep cooling
  • Convenient remote control with 
  • 3 wind modes; 2-way wind wings
  • Warranty 24 months

KAC-H41R - Cool wind, clean air

Not only is the ultimate cooling solution for open spaces, KAC-H41R is also a "housekeeper" for health care. Keep the whole family healthy, AI artificial intelligence technology that automatically adjusts the temperature; Nano silver filter combined with ion generation technology helps to keep the air fresh and clean.



Intelligent AI technology - Automatically adjusts the cool mode according to the ambient temperature

AI artificial intelligence technology automatically remembers, analyzes, recommends and adjusts the wind speed, cooling mode in accordance with the temperature environment. Now, you will enjoy the cool, comfortable feeling right away without having to manually customize it like before.


Silver Nano Filter - Maximum disinfection, creating a fresh atmosphere

KAC-H41R is equipped with a silver nano filter to help remove bacteria and viruses to help the wind blow out cleaner and fresher, thereby minimizing the risk of have respiratory diseases. At the same time, the nano silver filter also plays a role in limiting the direct penetration of mold, helping to increase the life of the air conditioner fan.


Negative ion technology for clean and cool air

Negative ion technology helps prevent and eliminate unpleasant odors from water vapor, helping to purify the air, providing comfort, comfort and protection health for the whole family.


Triple cooling with dry ice gel combined with steam

Dry ice gel combined with steam gives a deep, fast cooling breeze that is still extremely comfortable, pleasant and especially does not cause a feeling of dryness on the skin. After just 1 press of the start button, users will immediately experience the endless feeling of coolness, "smashing" the hot, sultry summer days.


Customize 3 wind levels - 3 flexible cooling modes according to needs

Air Conditioner fan has 3 wind levels: strong - medium - light, meeting cooling needs in all different spaces and weather , in accordance with the wishes of the user.


Smart design - Easily adjust to desired mode

Even when you are far away from the device, you can still easily adjust the desired mode with the compact remote. In addition, the smart touch key design on the top of the fan also allows you to precisely manipulate all the same modes.


Quiet operation, comfortable to enjoy every minute

With smooth operation, noise level of just under 60dB, all activities of the whole family are still guaranteed to the maximum without being affected.


Optimizing every experience with a sophisticated, modern design

Every detail of the KAC-H41R is designed with the user's comfort in mind while ensuring the aesthetics of the product.

The product has a luxurious design, compact size, delicate white color, suitable for almost any home space.


Double Warranty - Up to 24 months for peace of mind users

Karofi offers warranty - up to 24 months for KAC-H41R products. Any product problems during use are promptly and quickly overcome by Karofi's team of highly qualified and experienced technicians.



Karofi KAC-H41R


75 W



Cooling air flow:

590 m3/h

Motor type:


Wind mode:

3 modes

Tank volume:

15.5 liters


≤ 60dB

Control panel:

Remote control

Product size:

340 x 320 x 755mm

Product weight:

8 kg

Other benefits:

Dry ice compartment

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