Air Conditioning Fan Karofi KAC-E41

3,440,000 VNĐ
  • Cooling air flow: 580m3/h
  • Customizing the speed
  • Adding bactericidal Nano Silver membrane
  • Making humidity
  • 24 months warranty


Integrated bactericidal Nano Silver membrane eliminates viruses, bacteria that have a permanent effect, and the air cooling pad can remove dirt to make the atmosphere cleaner, safer.


Enjoy the cool, refreshing atmosphere

Flexible choice of air-cooled and steam-cooled modes gives a refreshing, pleasant feeling to dispel the summer heat whether in open or closed spaces.


Air Conditioning Fan Karofi Kac-E41, Enjoy the cool, refreshing atmosphere

quat-dieu-hoa-karofi-kac-e41-5SIMPLE – CONVENIENT

The spin and press buttons are located on the top of the fan. Includes button to select wind speed and fan mode.

Water compartment with large volume of 15 liters, easy to handle when supplying water and cleaning.


Automatic reversing - 3 wind speeds


Water level scale (max, min)

Model: KAC-E41
Cooling capacity: 70W
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Engine type: Centrifugal
Wind speed: 3 levels
Tank volume: 15,5l
Noise level: ≤60dB
Control panel: Adjustment button
Utilities: Using dry ice box increases cooling efficiency
Product dimensions: 340x320x755 (mm)
Product weight: ~8kg
Country of origin: Việt Nam

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