Some common errors with remedies

Here are some common errors of water purifier with remedies

Common errors Inspection Causes Remedies
There is no water or water flows from the tap too weakly 1. Pressure tank - Air pressure in the tank is too weak - Pump additional air into the air ball or replace the pressure tank
2. Couplings of cartridges 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. - They are leaked and broken, causing weak tap pressure Fasten again or replace broken couplings
3. Tap water pipes - The pipes are clogged by strange objects getting into the pipes or the pipes are pressed - Clean the pipes and discharge hose and check conduits.
Waste water still flows out when the purifier is not working 1. Solenoid valve - The valve is not tightly  closed - Clean the solenoid valve
- Replace it
The pump is running, but water flows slowly or there is no pure water 1. Pump - The pump pressure is too low - Repair or replace the pump
2. R.O membrane - The membrane is clogged - Replace the membrane
3. Cartridges 1, 2, 3 - The cartridges are dirty - Replace the cartridges
4. Flow valve - Strange objects enter or the valve does not completely closed. - Clean the valve and completely close it
The purifier runs continuously without a break 1.Water supply The water supply is weak without enough pressure Check the water supply
2.Cartridges 1, 2, 3 The cartridges are dirty and clogged Replace the cartridges
3.High pressure valve The high pressure valve is not turn off. Check the switching pressure of the high pressure valve