Semi - industrial water purifier, 75L/H

Semi - industrial water purifier, 75L/H

Brand: Karofi

Warranty: 24 months for electrical part, materials worn during use such as filter cartridge are not in the scope of warranty

  • 5 Dow FilmtecTM 100 RO membranes
  • Meeting use demands of 300 people

HOTLINE: 1900 64 18 / 0915 285 655

1.      RO technology: is capable of removing 99.9% of arsenic, heavy metal ions, viruses, bacteria and other impurities from the water to bring completely pure water

2.      Using 5 Dow FilmtecTM 100 RO membranes, directly imported from DOW-USA Group, certified and recommended by the NSF. 6 stages filtration system with the 6th cartridge, GAC-T33 cartridge make water taste better, sweeter, matching users’ needs

3.      Cost savings:

-  Save power: high pressure valves are automatically disconnected when the water is full to avoid power waste. The electricity consume only around 3kw/month.

- Costs of 1 liter of water through Karofi water purifier are only 1/50 of those for 1 liter of bottled water.

4.       High quality accessories: Super dureble steel tank with durable steel, Karofi tap of the U.S technology, nonmagnetic stainless steel cabinet, KSD automatic solenoid valve, Karofi smooth pumps with the capacity of suctioning up to 2 meters deep.

5.        2-year warranty, 24/7 technical support

Meeting high use demands of 15 to 50 people. Suitable for schools, hospitals, motels, hotels and agencies.

- Karofi water purifier is manufactured according to the technological processes certified in line with ISO 9001: 2008 Standard.

- Water filtered by Karofi water purifier meets the QCVN06-1:2010/BYT, National technical regulation for bottled/packaged natural mineral waters and drinking waters.

- Clear origin: Karofi water purifier are manufactured and assembled in KAROFI., JSC.

- Use of Filmtec RO membranes, directly imported from the United States.

- Sharp, specific and clear stamps:

       + Functional stamps: are mounted on parts of machine, specifying materials, effects and duration of use of each cartridge No. 1, 2 and 3, pumps, pressure tanks and taps…

     + Extra-stamps: are sticked on the product with clear details of hotline, website and product origin helping customers be assured about the origin of products.

     + DAC stamps certify genuine products.

- Packaging is made from environmentally friendly materials, durable and resistant to pulling, compression and high temperature, helping protect the entire products

- Quality Awards: “One of the Top 100 golden products in 2012”; “Prestigious Brand in 2013”, “One of the Top 100 high-quality products in 2013”, “Official Partner of Dow Water & Process Solution” and many more. For more details, see here

 Model KB75
Filter stage 9 stages
Capacity 75 L/H
Membranes 5 Dow FilmtecTM 100 RO membranes
Pressure tank Super dureble steel tank
Solenoid valve Industrial
Pump Radian
Oil Pressure Gauge Yes
Voltage 220V – 50 Hz
Power consumption 36w/h
Dimensions with cabinet 600 x 1000 x 800( mm)
Number of user 15 - 50 people
Warranty period 24 months


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