RO membranes

RO membranes

Brand: Karofi


Eliminates up to 99,99% viruses, bacteria, heavy metal ions... 

HOTLINE: 1900 64 18 / 0915 285 655

The RO membranes are composed of thin films of a special material (TFC - Thin Film Composite), tightly mounted and rolled into a spiral configuration. On the surface of the membranes consists of about 0.1 - 0.5 nanometer tiny holes (being just bigger than a few H2O molecules), therefore, only allowing water molecules to pass through to bring the completely pure output water.

- Operation mechanism of RO membranes:

    + Dissolved solids (i.e. pesticides, industrial dyes, etc.) often have large-sized particles; therefore, they can not pass through the membranes.

    + Bacteria (being few micrometers in size), or smaller virus (being a few tens of nanometers in size), are all dozens of times bigger than the size of the holes on the RO membranes.

    + Metal ions despite being small, but suffer hydration (surrounded by water molecules and become more bulky), therefore, can not get through the RO membranes.

            => Output water is only pure water.

- The membranes are replaced at each 18 - 24 month interval or depending on the input water:

                    * For ordinary water: between 43,700 liters and 65,500 liters of input

                    * For limestone contaminated water: between 12,400 liters and 49,700 liters of input

RO Dow Filmtec genuine products are imported directly from Dow Water & Process Group Solutions (DW & PS) – the USA.

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