Operation mechanism of microcontroller in sRO water purifier

Apart from the application of the World’s most advanced RO filtration technology in the world, Karofi sRO water purifier are integrated with microcontrollers, capable of automatic RO membrane washing and equipped with switches for operation even when the water supply is low. The microcontrollers with 3 red – yellow – green LEDs enable users to easily identify the operation situation of the machines.

To normal water purifiers, during filtering water, impurites and dirt in the input water are retained in the filter cartridges and RO membranes. Without the function of automatic washing as that of sRO water purifiers, RO membranes will be soon blocked, filter holes will be distorted, the ability to eliminate harmful contaminants as well as the lifespan of the purifiers and the filtered water quality will reduce. The water is no longer pure without the natural coolness and sweetness, and even dirtier than the input water. The automatic membrane washing function of Karofi sRO water purifiers enables users to completely believe in the water quality during use.

The sRO water purifier

Karofi sRO water purifiers, moreover, are the results from the dedicated technological innovations from the understanding of the challenge faced by Vietnamese households in installation of water purifiers, which is the weak water pressure due to the low or below 2.5 meter height of the water tanks from the ground.  With Karofi sRO water purifiers, you no longer have to connect the low-pressure valves manually and complicatedly by cutting and wiring like for conventional water purifiers, but simply pressing the low -pressure control switch behind the microchip instead. This prominent function of Karofi sRO water purifiers ensures safety, aestheticism and convenience for users for flexible changes in stable pressure of water supply in the future.

In order to enable users to easily monitor the machine state, sRO water purifiers are equipped with microcontrollers with 3 red-yellow-green LEDs.

With 3 red – yellow – green LEDs, users can be easily aware of the operation state of the purifier.

When only the red LED is on: The water tank is full, the purifier is in rest mode.

When the red and green LEDs are on: the purifier is in automatic RO membrane washing mode

When the red and yellow LEDs are on: the purifier is in filtration mode.


In case of the weak input pressure, use the  low-pressure control switch behind the microchip.

With the RO membrane washing function, the switches used even when water supply is weak and the displayed microcontroller, Karofi sRO water purifiers have established a new standard for water purifiers by the advanced technology and absolute confidence on the quality of water for users.

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