Operation mechanism of intelligent microcontrollers

In addition to main functions as built in conventional water purifier system, iRO intelligent water purifier system provide customers with other perfect features such as: “Automatic RO membranes washing”, “Automatic low water alarm” and “Automatic filter cartridge replacement alarm”. The microcontroller with 6 LEDs from L1 to L6 shows signals to notify users of the exact operation state of the machine.

-         Automatic filter cartridge replacement alarm: Normally, the life expectancy of the filter cartridges No. 1 and 2 is from 3 to 6 months, that of the filter cartridge No. 3 is from 6 to 9 months and that of the RO membranes is about 2 years depending on the input water. The function of automatic filter cartridge replacement alarm of iRO Karofi water purifier  enables you to know the exact time to change the filter cartridges, avoiding wasting from early change of the filter cartridges or the unsecured output quality, reducing the pure water over wastewater ratio in case of not changing the filter cartridges on time.

-         Automatic RO membranes washing: The surface of the RO membranes are constantly cleaned before filtration in order to minimize impurities blocking the membranes, bacteria and viruses on the membranes surface, making the filter membranes more durable and ensuring the output quality for users.

-         Automatic low water alarm: In case there is not input water or the amount of input is not enough for the machine to operate, Karofi intelligent water purifier turn on the warning light for users to handle timely. This function helps avoid the too low level of input water for the purifier which make it run for a long time but still not obtain enough water in the pressure tank, reducing the lifespan of the membranes as well as the machines. 

In order to notify users of the operation situation of the machine, iRO Karrofi intelligent water purifier are integrated with a microcontroller with 6 lights from L1 to L6, functioning as follows:

  • When all of 6 lamps are bright, filter operates normally.
  • When L1 is bright and flash with a period of 0.5s per flash, and 5 remaining lamps turn off, there is not enough feed water to run or loosing water. A filter will stop.
  • When any lamps (L1 or L2 or ...L6) flash continuously with 1s/time and other lamps turn off, aslo bell rings one time with 3 beeps together per hour during 24 hours, it means that L1 (or L2...L6) need to replace.
  • When all of lamps turn off, filter is in sleep mode.
A Microcontroller with 6 lamps

With the smart breakthrough solely in the market, Karofi is confident to bring the purest and safest water for users’ health.

Source: Karofi Viet Nam

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