Karofi iRO 1.1 Intelligent water purifier – More active and economical

The new version of Karofi iRO 1.1 Intelligent water purifier with the function of "Automatic cartridge replacement alarm" by a LED display helping consumers proactively keep track of the existing filter cartridge conditions.

Inheriting the outstanding features of Karofi Intelligent water purifier such as "Automatical RO membrane washing alarm", "Automatic cartridge replacement alarm" and "Automatic low water alarm", Karofi iRO 1.1 water purifier enhance the feature of "Automatic cartridge replacement alarm" with a LED display associated with 4 buttons of SELECT, UP, DOWN AND SETTING orderly from the left to the right and 1 warning whistle, helping consumers proactively keep track of the existing filter cartridge conditions. 


In the normal operation mode, the LED screen will display the remaining useful life of filter cartridge No. 1. Users can use the UP and DOWN buttons to move to the display page of the rest cartridges’ remaining useful life. This function enables users to know exactly when to replace the filter cartridges to ensure the pure quality of the output water and avoid wasting from early cartridge replacement. Additionally, in case of technical problems such as filter cartridge blockage, out-of-work pumps, out-of-date filter cartridges, etc., the display flickers the coded name of the relevant error together with the sound of the warning whistle to let users know exactly the problem and proactively fix it.

The microcontroller of Karofi iRO 1.1 intelligent water purifier

In addition to ensuring the product quality in compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 Standard, Karofi., JSC always strives to continuously study and improve its products in order to bring outstanding products to life and contributes to protect consumers’ health.

For more details in 1.1 IRO Smart Water Purifiers, please contact our customer service center at the hotline 19006418 or directly chat with our counselors for direct advice.

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