KAROFI IQ premium cabinet

KAROFI IQ premium cabinet

Brand: Karofi


Compact, elegant, luxurious and sotiphiscated design in every detail

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- Compact, elegant, luxurious and refined design in every detail.

- The cabinet door frame and cover are made from ABS super strong and durable plastic.

- The top and front of the cabinet are covered with premium toughened glass and Korean stainless steel which are safe, smooth, shiny and easy to clean.

- The cabinet’s door is surrounded with closed magnet in stead of conventional cabinet latch which is easy to be detached and broken.

- The polished plastic stamp with durable and sharper colors.

- A 1.2 mm iron bracket is closely welded to the body, minimizing risks of frame collapse during transport and use.

- The body is made of premium electrostatic powder coated steel which is shiny, capable of anti-distortion and rust and extreme durability.

- Machine handle slots are installed with plastic firmly.

- Conduit and wire holes are surrounded with plastic fitted for water conduits and wires to exit, avoiding small animals from entering and destroying the machine

- Quadratic legs and wide base bring the feeling of firmness.

Karofi water purifier system is manufactured according to the technological processes certified in line with ISO 9001: 2008 Standard.






ABS plastic

Electrostatic powder coated steel

Toughened glass

Korean stainless steel

Iron bracket

1.2 mm steel


Polished rolling plastic stamp




Quadratic legs

Conduit and wire holes

2 holes at the back

With rubber seals

Door lock



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