Karofi Has Launched Silver Nano Filter Cartridges – with Bactericidal Efficiency of up to 99.99%

Among the most modern disinfection solutions for water adopted by most advanced countries in the world, Silver Nano is evaluated to have the antibacterial ability of up to 99.99%. In Vietnam, Karofi is the unique enterprise to apply this technology to successfully produce Nano silver filter cartridges under the strict inspection of the Institute of Biotechnology and Food technology (IBF) with the aim to provide consumers with superior products, ensuring absolute safety for their health.

Nanotechnology has the ability to split silver into several nanometer-sized particles. When silver nanoparticles cover on the surface of any material, the silver’s surface area rises to millions of times higher than that of the normal silver leaf, and its antibacterial capability dramatically increases accordingly, shortening the time to kill bacteria upon the contact. Silver nanotechnology destroys harmful bacteria on the principle of directly wrapping bacterial cells and disrupting cell structures, thus, disabling their development. Through the Karofi Silver Nano filter cartridges,  harmful bacteria in water causing cholera, typhoid and poliomyelitis or such microorganisms causing intestinal diseases and acute diarrhea as Coliform, E.coli, Streptococci feacal, pseudomonas as well as Sulfite anaerobic bacterial spores, etc. are nearly absolutely destroyed. In the static state, the bactericidal rate reaches 99.99% while that rate is 99.95% in the active state (i.e. in continuous flowing conditions).

The Silver Nano Filter Cartridges 

Installed at the last position of the Karofi water filtration system, Silver Nano filter cartridges function to prevent the risk of re-infection during the water circulation in the filtration system, simultaneously, providing additional helpful minerals to post-filtered water through mineral composition of natural stone included in the filter cartridge, bringing safe water with adequate minerals to users.

8 stages Intelligent water purifier

Moreover, as the Vietnam’s first water purifier brand to successfully produce Nano Silver filter cartridges, Karofi has addressed the consumers’ concern on the origin of Nano Silver filter products, most of which are imported and purchased from uncertified entities by the inspection authorities on the market. To avoid counterfeit, pirated and poor quality goods, a Karofi logo with the words “Intelligent Water Purifiers”, a 7-sharp color stamp and QR code are affixed on each Karofi Nano Silver Filter Cartridge to help customers confidently and proactively identify genuine products.

With Nano silver filter cartridge, Karofi desires to bring consumers the best quality products, contributing to reducing the risk of diseases from water and helping people with healthier and brighter lives.

Nguồn: Karofi VietNam

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