Intelligent products

In 2013, Karofi., JSC launched iRO intelligent water purifier which are the only products of this type at the moment. In addition to the application of the World’s most advanced RO technology, the products are integrated with microprocessors with smart features like "Automatic cartridge replacement alarm", "Automatic RO membrane washing" and "Automatic weak water supply alarm" to ensure the absolute quality as well as bring convenience to users.

Máy lọc nước thông minh Karofi iRO 1.1

Karofi Intelligent water purifier iRO 1.1

The smart technology of Karofi iRO water purifier is not only safe for consumers’ health but also helps relieve households’ permanent concerns on the use of conventional water purifiers such as unknown cartridge replacement intervals, RO membranes blockage, instability of equipment due to water pressure problems during operation. These drawbacks have been addressed by smart microprocessors of Karofi iRO water purifier with premium features below:

-        Automatic RO membrane washing helps improve post-filtering water quality, lengthening RO membrane longevity of up to 2 years and saving cartridge replacement costs.

-        Automatic cartridge replacement notice helps users know exactly when to replace cartridges to ensure the purity of the output and avoid waste when replacing cartridges early.

-        Automatic weak water supply notice helps protect and operate more durably.

Karofi is proud to be the leader in producing, supplying and distributing iRO intelligent water purifier. Thanks to smart features, the products are trusted and preferred by a large number of consumers. It is considered as a breakthrough in the water purifier production technology in Vietnam in general and in Karofi in particular.

Source: Karofi VietNam