HCV051 Water dispenser

HCV051 Water dispenser

Brand: Karofi

Warranty: 2 years

  • Block technology
  • Child safety lock
  • LED lights display

HOTLINE: 1900 64 18 / 0915 285 655

1. Heating deeply and cooling rapidly

With temperatures of heating up to 85oC - 95oC and cooling deeply down to 10oC - 4oC, you can easily make a cup of tea, milk or coffee or enjoy a glass of cool water immediately after doing exercises.

2. Safety and sophisticated design

-  Luxury design, suitable for modern family’s living room

-  Hot/cold switch help save the power consumption

-  Child safety lock help bring perfect safety for small children.

-   LED lights display hot and cold water modes.

- The distance between the taps and the water tray is designed reasonably, enabling you to easily get water with a high cup or personal bottle.

- The products are compact with housings made from white ABS plastic which is super durable, resistant to forces and heat, easy to clean and makes users feel clean and safe.

3. Advanced technology

- Cooling technology by Block.

4. Warranty

-  The products are warranted for 2 years, especially the Block cooling system is warranted up to 5 years.

- Karofi water dispenser is manufactured according to the technological processes certified in line with ISO 9001: 2008 Standard.

- The Products are certified conformity issued by the Quality Assurance and Testing Center 1 (QUATEST 1)

- Clear origin: Karofi water dispenser is manufactured and assembled in KAROFI., JSC.

- Sharp, specific and clear stamps:

       + Extra-stamps: are sticked on the product with clear details of hotline, website and product origin helping customers be assured about the origin of products.

       + Stamps certify genuine products.

- Packaging is made from environmentally friendly materials, durable and resistant to pulling, compression and high temperature, helping protect the entire products

Model HCV051
Importer KAROFI
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Cold tank capacity 3.2 L
Hot tank capacity 2 L
Power 430W/90W
Type Vertical
Cooling technology Block
Heating temperature range 85-95oC
Cooling temperature range 15-6oC
Housing Super durable ABS
Dimensions 290 x 290 x 1115 (mm)
Origin Viet Nam


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