Guaranteed quality

Safety for consumers is always the top priority of Karofi products. Karofi water purifier undergoes strict quality control procedures by a reputable and professional management team before being sold to customers. Karofi is committed to providing products with clear origin and assured quality and protecting customer’s health for outstanding values in every product.

All Karofi products are manufactured according the certified technological processes in compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 Standard. This is a convincing proof of Karofi products’ quality.

Karofi Intelligent water purifier iRO 1.1

Up to present, Karofi is the sole and first official partner of Dow Chemical Company in Vietnam. With this cooperation, consumers can absolutely trust in Karofi water purifier’s quality in general and that of RO membranes provided by Karofi in particular.

Mr.Tran Trung Dung, Karofi's CEO signed cooperation agreements with Dr. Wang Xiaolian, representative of the Dow Chemical Company in Asia-Pacific

Moreover, all the parts of Karofi water purifier have clear origin. Super durable plastic pressure tanks are produced under the advanced technology and meet high standards on hygiene and health of the National Sanitary Foundation - NSF. Karofi taps are manufactured according to the US technology and 5 times more durable than other conventional ones in the market. Karofi pumps run quietly, smoothly and stably. KSD solenoid valves operate automatically, smoothly and effectively. IQ cabinets are highly qualified, durable and luxurious with high resistance to external forces.


Some accessories of Karofi RO water purifier

Thanks to the secured high quality of component materials, the output water from Karofi water purifiers has proudly met the national technical code on natural mineral water and bottled drinking water QCVN 06-1:2010, certified by the National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health under the Ministry of Health. Therefore, consumers can completely be confident when using water filtered by Karofi water purifiers to drink directly without boiling.

Certificate QCVN06-1:2010/BYT

To protect and bring maximum benefits to consumers, Karofi has established a genuine product authentication system with QR code, SMS and website to enable consumers to proactively and confidently control the quality of their purchased products.

Karofi genuine product stamp

Karofi experts always strive to continuously study and improve the products. Therefore, Karofi always meets consumers’ demands and ensures to provide customers with Karofi water purifier of good quality and long life expectancy, contributing to protect consumers’ health.


Source: Karofi Viet Nam