Dedicated service

Karofi has always paid great attention to customer services, meeting the criteria of Quality - Prestige – Dedication to provide customers with services anytime and anywhere in the most flexible and timely manner.

Karofi’s customer service center

Karofi’s customer service center is established in accordance with the international standards. With advanced and modern equipment, highly qualified technical staff and customer service staff having lots of experience in installation, repair and maintenance of water purifier system, Karofi ensures that all problems and incidents incurred by customers will be settled in the best way.

Technical staffs

Up to present, KAROFI water purifiers have been sold in about 3,000 points of sale in 53 provinces and cities nationwide. Thus, KAROFI has always met various customers’ demands and provides more comprehensive customer services, especially after-sales services.

Additionally, in order to provide better services, the customer service center also offers enhanced service packages with better care and more preferences.

For each product, especially electrical products such as water purifier system, after-sales services are absolutely important factors. When buying a genuine product, customers will enjoy the warranty policy and customer care services. Karofi always makes great efforts to offer a comprehensive, flexible and timely customer care service. Customer satisfaction is our long-term development objective.

Source: Karofi Viet Nam